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the year i was 25

i'm so sorry
i haven't been too busy
instead i have been to lazy... well to type
i have been watching movies, series etc, but to type err...

so 2010, is over just like that.
January to June, July to today
it has been what has been

i am grateful for life once again, 365 days or was this year a leap year?
it was the year i was 25...

the year i was 25, My grandpa has been dead for 2 years now
i wonder what it could have been if he was here...

the year i was 25, i stopped drinking coca cola
funny, now i am clean, trying hard to drink a lot of water now

the year i was 25, i really got depressed... like so depressed
thank God for Mercies, i am learning and i love learning

the year i was 25, i felt a lump :) twas in-growing-hairs, i heard a sound, twas the muscles in my right ear acting up...

the year i was 25, i lost my crown, my tooth, well now technically i chew with one side of my mouth...

the year i was 25, i travelled thru 5 cities in one night by bus... twas crazy and nice. Got on a wrong/righ…


Asiri is Yoruba for secret.

Can you keep a secret? i can and i plan on keeping mine for a long long time

i learnt a secret yesterday, or was it a secret? did i simply never know?

i'm part glad i know, helps me understand some things now. Then again, i may ...never mind...

i know a secret, now i want to know more, much more
we have a score to settle, me and her, her and i, us together lol
i am still laughing hard about what i learnt

1st of december

i totally chickened out
the smear test is compulsory by age 25
so all through the year i got letters...

today i went there
saw the 'small instrument'
yeah right... that isn't small
signed a deferral form and went home
some serious poking... worse than facebook

today's not ashamed day. for more info visit
today's also world Aids day or something of that nature

welcome to December 2010 people :)

30th november

it's been a long month
studying, exams and then snow
we really do make so much noise in the UK
when it snows.Thankful for grace to see the end of another month
the 11th month in 2010.

got a smear test tomorrow
i'm not scared i just hate being poked or fiddled with
i'll say how that goes
have a good month of December and a splendid start to it


...If I could hug you now,
somethings are beyond our human understanding
Sometimes trying to 'get' just messes up things
If I could hug you now... If I simply could

Got your franchise celebrity yet?
'Roll' out n do so
Let's support Mo'cheddar, it's knighthouse baybi!

the end... no really

Not really the end
it isn't over
For 'Ally' sakes our friendship still stands
On the other side
Something good or something bad
back to this end... which isn't really the end
began with a move,a finger movement
Then a hand movement
Which graduated to the lips
And the wagging of the hips
Then slowly, the temporary parting
This end which isn't the end
For the story only just began

"something good or something bad"

This year, I am 25...

the middle

The middle
Right at the core the attraction stayed
At first it was surface simple
May be suppressed for 'ally' sakes
For 'ally' sakes I tell you
But there was a leak
Little drops of water
A trickle- drip-drip-drip
Like an hour glass,one side labelled friendship
The other side 'something good' or 'something bad'
Becomes a choice...
It stayed,the attraction
It dripped into the other side

This year I was 25 it has been...

the start

I have been growing
And I have been learning
But why are there always 'buts'
Sometimes I want to be super human
I keep striving more like,I keep trying even harder
Losing my strength, draining my power
Pushing out...
I get selfish, I really can't do it on my own
I know this, but why do I still struggle?
I release then hold back
Makes me a wretched human
Am i sucking at this thing
Lead me not into temptation
Deliver me from evil
For evil leaves on me scars
It wrinkles me leaving me shrivelled
Touch me and make me whole
'I release me'

This year I am 25 has been...
*listening to "in•my•system"*

october the 14th

it's 14th of october... i still believe great people are born on this day
happy birthday Gramps
we all miss you in our different ways

Nigeria at 50, Day 12: Something Green

"Nigeria at 50, Day 11 – Baroque
...there is a reason our flag colours have stayed simply as green and white

Green is life abundant, it is nature , it is cool and calming, it is a balance, it is harmony
Green is a 'green leaf'

White is clean, it is pure and encourages new beginnings, it is light and peace. White is sharp and stain free. White is healing.
White is a 'white lily'

And then green comes again, green means no matter how low we fall, we won't stay at the bottom. We will spring back up. It may not be as fast as you want it... but we won't remain so low.

Nigeria may be 'bad' by worldly standards, 'developing' by earthly standards, 'in debt' by financial standards, prone to 'power cuts' by electricity standards, 'highly polluted' by green-issues standard...
so many standards, so many check lists

however a huge number of the world's happiest people reside there and are her children
and this won't keep t…

how could you...

isn't it easy for people to live your life for you, they know what is good for you they know what is bad for you all the while neglecting what is wrong with them.
If whatever is wrong with slaps them in the face they won't even know because they are too busy telling you how you don't do this and you don't do that
funny thing is they keep heaping their own faults on their shoulders and they are stooping over from the weight.
when they are totally bent, will it be ok for me to laugh at them, i wonder...

do many people believe in the god religion? Do they practise what they preach?

i want to shout out it is my life, we are all individuals if we needed to share how to live then 'individual' won't be a word we know. let me learn, let me make mistakes but don't try to live for me what you are not making much of a good job doing... or what you are struggling to keep up with

Silence doesn't make a man fool, even a fool seems wise when he keeps quiet
i better be t…

*eyes rolling*

geez the media is such a wicked tool, avenue whatever (let their lives be their lives jo, no i haven't read any details newspaper, internet nada! because it really doesn't concern me. I am not married to them gosh! neither is the media trying to tear them up)
i'm really miffed on the whole Coleen-Rooney thing. why are they always out to tear down...ish! and yes because i am a Man united supporter
i hope they work above the media, a lot of people have done it,Becks and Posh did,the Clintons did as well
and i hope her 12 year old sister recovers,a stroke is a terrible blow

jus ranting...

Being a christian needs divine help. Funny I say that? A lot of people know what the bible says, christians and non christians. It is easy for other people - christians and non christians to expect you to act one way while they can't even imagine act in such ways themselves. What I mean is this,normally in life, it is easy for people to point fingers at you especially where you make a mistake, and they almost act like they are above these mistakes well till they fall. 'most times when they fall they have no buffer'. Ok where am I going with this yarns? 2 things
1. Attitude
2. Trust  

I am a christian...hence my opening paragraph (I have only always been a christian,pardon me if you have a different opinion). I read the bible and I learn a lot from the book of Proverbs. To me it's an everyday practical life sort of book. We are all individuals hence a mind of our own, the opportunity to choose--- what we want, what we don't want. This I think affects our attit…


thanks everyone...
it's August...2010...on some kind of race
still having the up and
but i have been good too
travelled out of London...did a bit of a bus trip up-country
did a week of Art school
a week of Oil painting
now in a week of entering competitions
funny times

I used to have a crush on a guy
i told said guy
many waters under the bridge about this guy
now guy... was just a phase
now he may think he is all that...this guy
oh dear, oh my!

sometimes words express much better than art does..........just saying

july 15 july 16

Yesterday I lost a reason
I lost any passion I may have had
even if the passion was assumed
this morning I am struggling
I am struggling to live
Like a child trying to get up and crawl
I am struggling to live
like a person being drowned
I am struggling to live
I am trying to get up on my feet
I am struggling to live
like a fish out of water
I wiggle and shake
a new journey I must take
new dedication, a change it will be
am I brave?
I struggle to live
as I gasp for breath

SA 2010 ends

After one month, our much loved game comes to an end {well...there's premiership, la Liga, FA cup, Coca cola something :) etc}

It has been trying, fun, screams, smiles, cries, mixed emotions too
AND Spain have been crowned the World Cup Champs!!!

After Brazil got booted out no thanks to the Bad mood they were in,
{deflection: i am pretty much sure they all were in a bad mood before that game with the Dutch. Watch the match again and see for yourselves}

i couldn't imagine Spain Losing as well. No didn't want Argentina to win...too arrogant...not Uruguay, i think they robbed Ghana in broad day light ;-p, not Germany, no reason JUST not Germany #endofdiscussion and so not the Dutch ---> Brazil lost to them, they already had bragging rights in that aspect

SA 2010 The Spanish have their name under the World Cup---> Winners 2010
Brazil 2014 Hosted by Brazil, won by the Host ;)

Ps: i don't get paid for liking a good game of football,you don't have to watch it either :-)

Dear Black Berry... 2

basically an octopus known to be one of the smartest sea creatures can also be psychic... This world sha. Please sit back and enjoy a good game of footie ---> with friends, juice and smiles *jare*
sho weytin concern jabulani wit sea weed?

Dear Black Berry,
seems no one has bothered to 'check on the girl complaining about the PING'.
Well i am still here, trying my best not to puke when i see those red words. Even the new ubertwitter has a mute (many thanks to every twitter friend, tho i haven't installed it) button...So why can't BBM be upgraded? 'Mute the PING' so no one's PINGing me to say HI.*eyes rolling*
Why PING me to say HI? geez!!!
This is a case of the PING gone bad ... well technically the Task of the PING not being fully grasped.

Yours BBly,

the flygirl

ps: has anyone been reading the memoirs of a slu...shhkid? not for the weak and faint hearted but good for jokes and laughter

Dear Black Berry...

Brazil lost .... i was so thrilled about typing this post long before the match began... however...
the world cup has been fun, but i have lost the will power to type...
so i'll rant to Black Berry instead

Dear Black Berry,
I plan on being a pest/bug/annoying customer until you respond to my plea.
I waited long yes very long to get a White Berry and the wait was hard but good. My White Berry hereafter known as abde has been good apart from the normal Berry wahala (you know these wahala). I like, i am not complaining. BBM is a good idea, my letter is not to praise BBM however. I wish to express the uselessness of that RED thing called the 'PING'.
Please disable it completely and I promise never, i mean never, to speak ill of BB.
The BB manual doesn't come with a section that describes the 'PING' so why o why do we have to have it? Can't it be a thing of choice? Since i have turned of the 'vibrate when Pinged' why can't i completely get rid of the PING…

ke nako!

At some point in typing this post i shall burst into singing shosholozah!!!
you may say 'thankfully i don't have to hear her voice' lmho!
shosholozah shosholozah!
Ku lezontabah
Stimela siphum' eSouth Africa
*i am dancing as well!

i remember my first trip to Jo'burg *no this isn't a post down memory lane either* the pilot was like blah blah its 6 sister and i had this 'funny moment'
It didn't last. SA welcomed us with open hands and boy did we have a real good time...
I had spent the previous year watching and falling in lurv with Big brother...i was stepping on SA stones, I was breathing in SA air and i was going to be a part of project fame.......

Shosholozah! i am doing the Pata Pata dance!

I also fell in lurv with my laanites and tho i don't get to watch 7 de laan these days, i still get to read about the episode and every year i get a birthday message - ok that is by the way

ke nako! It is time! After all this while; this long while Afric…

no escape for the blogger at heart

so technically i have been on 'holiday' for 12 days [today's 7th of June]. My exams were...... when i get my results i shall testify...
i didn't go for the vocal slender/cocobar music fest nor did i go to see 9ice perform...well no one even seems to be talking about those - guess there's no news there then
I haven't felt like typing a post - any post - long, short, full, scanty...
I am falling in and out of moods faster than the share prices change in the stock exchange
I can't even draw and I want to - there's the need to fill up a new sketch pad
I hate having a crush right now - i can't seem to do anything about it-2 years pffft! i need to get it out of my head, mind, grrrrrrr!
I am still buying and eating crackers - and they even cost more
I still lurv Puppy/Soapy/T.V Lurv - it is soooooo pathetic
I have this Lurv - Hate relationship with my phone. Not n.a.l.a got a new one 'abde'
abde - is short for 'abundance' please do not ask me why i…

g.a.l.t - taking pictures with n.a.l.a 3

went to regents park...i pass it so often i have never bothered to know what goes on in there....well Saturday was beautiful and the pictures would tell too

1. ha it is said a real londoner knows not to feed the pigeons...the ducks may b and exception
2. love the flowers and the scene
3. love the landscape
4. feel the serenity
5. so much of a sole ribbon depicting the *Flag colours...they really wasted time mine and everyone who came round there as well
6. was on the bus and noticed someone dropped an apple

ps:say a prayer for YQ, he's really got a lot to deal with...

After Abuja, Nigerian youth march in Lagos April 13...enough is enough

"After Abuja, Nigerian youth march in Lagos April 13″

This note was typed by Red Strat for guests of The Future Awards Pre-Awards Conference

After a massively successful rally at the National Assembly in Abuja on March 16 that continues to be talked about weeks after, young Nigerians under the aegis of the ENOUGHISENOUGH (EiE) Nigeria coalition have announced a Lagos rally, which will hold at the Governor’s Office in Alausa on Tuesday April 13, 2010.

The protesters will gather at the Archbishop Vining Memorial Anglican Church car park that morning at 11am, and march to Alausa. “The governor’s office has already been notified about this as well as the authorities of the Nigerian police force,” said Adebola Williams, who is one of the rally’s coordinators.

ENOUGHISENOUGH Nigeria, the coalition of change-seeking youth leaders and young professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, celebrities, activists and students from across the country, will march to the Lagos State Governor’s Office where…

him on my mind- for sagie

i'm really sad about Da grin's passing away
...still spoke about him just the other day
...still said a prayer for him
...still hoped we would laugh about me not liking his first album
...still mentioned that his second album will be so hot and i'll be glad

i hope and pray his family's comforted
i hope and pray for all his friends who will miss him everyday
rest now Olayitan Olanipekun Oladapo a.k.a Da grin a.k.a fimilejo 22-04-2010
#np You had a bad day - Alvin & The Chipmunks David Powter

ps: Can we ever be thankful enough that we go to bed and wake up again, we go out and come back in...

g.a.l.t oh what a warm day it was

*laughing out loud* living here make very interesting chapters in the story of my life. This sort of interesting is a whole load of different.
It's a good experience too i'm not complaining....i'm embracing and growing
Today was a warm day ... well since 2010 began. In lagos peeps have been complaining bout the heat and all.
Boy were the streets full of people......and barely dressed
but the thing that irked me the most were the FEET!
i felt like the Normanmeyers -- from Adamm's family -- only this time i was not obsessing over underwear, i was sad for the horrific display of feet.
Sad to say this- even in Lagos with all it's dirt and dust, ahn ahn so many feet are still cleaned out well

Oh people let us not get carried away. Let cater for our feet clean out toe nails properly, wash and scrub our feet, preserve our em
May our feet always carry us to places where Joy abounds and Happiness resides

ps: i think i have a new crush...more like 2...the old one is still …

messing with wacom

jus messin about with my newest best friend and decided it was high time to change my picture

g.a.l.t And Easter comes to an end

image 1. the work station
2. the story of the statues
3. just liked the look of the building
4. some statues at the Liverpool lime street station

so i had the huge post all typed out in my head about Easter and how much fun it hands [well they do the actual typing] wasn't down with all that
I had an interesting Easter break
did a lot of travelling outside London for a change. Rather enjoyed the quiet slow paced lives of they that live in small towns with the central town hall kind of system
did a little reading or studying for my exams aaaagh!!! bawring! Spent my yesterday tho studying at a children's library. Silly boys and girls were giving one of the librians a tough time running here and there and calling the guy a monster....tsk tsk tsk...what goes around sure does come around
did a lot of meeting new people as well...i'm learning to accomodate people, still working on the hugging and embracing part :-)

Easter was a good time, i'm grateful to ha…

g.a.l.t oh! what a day!

*oH! what a day........ sing it to the tune of that song Oh what a nite....released in 1956 and re-released in 1969 (i *bing*ed it and wikipedia told me so,hence i can tell you) hey i'm still smart oh!
*oH what a day
apart from the title the lyrics of my own adaptation to the song can't really be likened. Anyway...
started my day as a normal thursday. I edit a Bulletin so i needed to finish up and print out...i just took my time and before i knew it, 2pm was way gone
in otherwards going to the library had been rubbed off my to do list.
off loaded my library ensemble... and started out to
1. pick up a pair of shoes at holloway road 2 bus trips away, not particularly far
2. buy palm oil cos i really wanted to eat ogbono(the only soup i can actually make)

so who sent me message, you can ask in nigerian grammar

got on the first bus, and there was this adorable "two-toothed" baby who kept smiling at me...aaaw cute...anyway two stops away some cheeky school boy gets on it {his hai…

g.a.l.t m&m.v.b.s

girl about london town - me and my very bitter stimulant

Flash forward is back on i didn't get enough sleep last night.
Got to class this morning and before our short 10mins break i was dosing- #not kosher
so i decided to get myself cappucino (which really doesn't go down well with my system)
off i went to a McDees i thought i knew for efficient service (one bad day sure does hurt) today was one of those not so efficient service days
placed my order and i was told i'll have to wait 5mins...i should have just turned back to the door and left the eatery...instead i waited 15mins and after the wrong cup (i was actually given tea)another 3 mins before the warm cappucino was placed in my hands
after downing the very bitter drink (you can say 'we know the regulars and the in&outs'; i didn't take any sugar on my way out, was late for class and i didn't realise all this till i sat back in class) omg i felt hand-less
my hands just got funny and they were funny…

girl about london town PC

PC as in party chronicles

when the british people say PC in their tv series it jus sounds...

quick one: G.A.L.T is just me messing about and making my day sound more fun...

off i went to westfield mall this morning ... and not exactly to shop...
was still bent on getting something extra for my cousin gosh! it's so hard picking up stuff for kids mehn! henceforth i shall stick to giving out giftcards

the silly £4.99 brolly i picked up at sainsbury yesterday was just a mess up! i should have started a trust fund towards getting the 44quid one,put in the 4.99 as the foundation money and used a free newspaper...long and short of the story that brolly is now ancient history

hopped on a bus and 2 stops afterwards we were politely asked to get off the bus cause the wheelchair bridge thing won't work i.e go back in after it was let out for two ladies...can't let the driver pull a Messala on the town roads (from the ben hur movie; you know the guy whose chariot had the knives)

finally got …

girl about london town 1

new muse - girl about london town

the city of Londsville - said with the narrator of power puff girls' accent

sunny start to this morning alas i was wet befor 11 am
took a trip to northwards, to woodgreen mall, wanted to get my brother a pair of shorts from a specific shop hmmmm if only i had stayed west...
the shop was just one king ... awuf they say dey run bele
well i had bus pass and freely donated the hours to shopping...eventually i got these infamous pair of shorts + 1 from another shop
afterwards, still in the same mall, i started my search for my cousin's birthday present; he just turned one and i thought to get him shoes
i didn't really know it's a big deal getting children shoes especially 12months-18. It took me 4 shops and another 2 hours bus ride to get the right ones plus asking a shopping mother for the right size...i no get shame na...can't blame me i no get pikin'
Met an anime crazy guy who designs greeting cards today. Such an exciting kinda fellow h…

this day at a.b.j march 16. enough is enough

Jeremiah 17:9 (English Standard Version) The Holy Bible

The heart is deceitful above all things,
and desperately sick;
who can understand it?

Proverbs 29:4 (New International Version) The Holy Bible
By justice a king gives a country stability, but one who is greedy for bribes tears it down

Enough is Enough...
Is it fair that leaders let the people suffer.
People who also have blood flowing in their veins
Whose hearts beat each moment, just to keep them alive

who can understand the heart, Jeremiah asks
who can understand a man who sees another in need and feels nothing
empathy, sympathy instead apathy

how desperately sick are the hearts of those that lead the nation
yes desperately sick!
you ask me 'who gives you right to say such...things?'
the things i've experienced, seen and hear about
the things we've experienced, seen and hear about

you can't justify your words, flygirl...

but how long would it take for one third of our roads to be made good
how long must we lif…

does the word piss-off have new meanings?

shoot me, bite me, slap me whatever......right now i hate my bank aka bank b!!!!!! go figure...
my card got swallowed by a yeye machine - good thing is twas by my branch's machine
ok i call cancell and move on thinking since they've showered me with numerous savings cards all is well henceforth "you will get your card in 4-5 working days"
i can't do the whole online banking thing???? hello!!!
so i call oh finally i get thru blimey halfway thru the conversation with a guy genuinely willing to help me the line cuts aaaargh!
and then i start calling 30 minutes on i'm still trying to speak with a human being...because i have been cut off...40minutes and over 13 broken calls later an automated voice says - they usually have a check between 12 and 2am or so and as such there may be technical difficulties
i finally speak with a quite unhelpful somebody... how very convinient of the bank and their online sheninigans
down right IRRITATING!!!!! and my eyes hurt from the u…

my new skin therapy sheer infusion...and finally

geez mehn! the word tired sounds like it was created for me...
does anyone watch the good wife?... a good one

so back to my new skin therapy...
was soooooooooooooooo tired last night however twas same as day 2[night]
less sticky palms the whole day

if symptoms persist ... ha ha ha! :)
so far on this new moisturiser
non-greasy feeling x
healthy-looking,soft and moistured skin {after 3days} x
larger size than 250ml n/p
longlasting smell x
longlasting moisture {during the day} x
Price n/p
eradicating dry skin x

and that's a whooping 5 out of 7 points...
n/p - no point
vaseline got it right on this one seriously however 'look at the size of that thing' {borrowed line from Jurassic Park)
200ml is tweh small just tweh small ... that pea size gimmick doesn't work jo!

my new skin therapy sheer infusion day 3

aaagh my eyes hurt but i've got to be up and about
this morning .... there's no sticky-feeling to the palms
and my skin feel soft hmmmm....
ok seriously and this is from moisturing once a day so far...

my new skin therapy sheer infusion day 2...night

just got in...i'm so knackered!!!
been on my toes since 8am
get slightly wet no thanks to the rain
my thighs were a bit itchy BUT not dry
day 2 seems to have gone well

my new skin therapy sheer infusion day 2

ok so i haven't got any beauty regime, tips or the likes...i take pride in being a wash and go kinda girl...
my skin still felt ok...moisture wise before i went to bed
...i didn't re-apply apart from palms...
woke this morning mild dry skin flakes no itching and no scaling
just used the vaseline
thankfully my palms are not as sticky as yesterday

my new skin therapy sheer infusion 2

so i jus got into the house
today was a really windy and cold day...

didn't feel fry at all day and no itch seriously no itch
most times i get on the bus and 'cause of the change in temperature cold to -kind -of warmer my skin starts to itch
i had none of that today

amazingly no dryness around my elbow either hmmm...

the only thing is my palms still felt sticky till about mid day so i washed off the vaseline and rubbed E45...felt better afterwards

@leggy i hate changing stuff as's so easy to stick to some things
@Myne seems vaseline's making progress :)

my new skin therapy sheer infusion

Yesterday walked into boots, to get my regular thanks to having 'Dry' Skin and spending extra on 'moisturising' my skin.
there was something going on at the said shop...some vaseline thingy...couldn't be bothered. took the escalators down stairs where there was less hype and more shopping...and saw the vaseline stand again so i walked to it and picked up one to get the 411. the nice attendant walks up to me and starts promoting the product...she sticks so thing on the back of my palm to check the moisture level of my skin...which i know is almost non existent but never the less...and she tells me 'oh as u see ur skin moisture is at the lowest level'
we get talking about 'Dry' Skin, E45 flaking and itching...and she convinces me to ditch my E45 and go for a nice smelling moisturiser...
hence this post...

Today i have applied the body lotion...
i haven't combined it with my usual pure shea butter i won't for the next 3 days ...isn't i…

giving to charity

back in secondary school we had this thing called charity walk. Basically each student who volunteers is given a form. The form is then signed by the different people-parents who give cash to the student or students. It used to be a very long walk but could be fun with friends and all the stuff you get to buy along the way...I always took time to get donations but when i was younger i didn't really understand the whole charity thing...all i knew was that i get the form, raise the cash and submit it to my teacher at the right time...thank God for growth...
took a long walk today...not particularly for charity or to shed m'bones. I just needed to get to oxford circus and i didn't want to take the bus...
it snowed but it was sunny and i was stuck with the large brolly i am caught carrying around these days...
before i got to my final 'oxford-circus' destination i was approached by three cancer research uk i wasn't jaw however felt so frozen it …

i'm a happy customer

“When the customer comes first, the customer will last” - Robert Half

so i went off to barratts on my buy a pair of boots...the mini ones i had before got wet due to the heavy snow from the 21st of december...they were fabric...
anyway i needed those pair of boots before i 'froze over' or lost my feet to 'frost bite' sha!
the first issue i had with them boots were the fact that they got wet in front so i went off to the shop...they offered me a new pair but i didn't want it...mind u i've got another pair of boots made with the same material and never got my feet wet
the second issue i noticed on monday the first of february: the left sole had broken into two unequal halves *throat clearing
now i was so unimpressed! gosh! if i bought them boots for less than the amount from some other 'less quality' product shop i'll won't be this bothered
so off i went to barratts this afternoon and asked nicely if other people had the same problem and…

this music scene sha

Without music, life would be an error. The German imagines even God singing songs.
Friedrich Nietzsche

so i finally got da grin's album
Lord have mercy...only the collaborations were 'it'...he is like a dilettante,
in many -short -words!!! that album get 'coma'!!! i won't listen to it in a while
chief excutive omoita sha!
loving gbamu gbamu - 9ice jus got the album as well

taking some pictures with n.a.l.a...{deux}

took a couple of pictures again with n.a.l.a
the doll is a toy from a happy meal...and that's my scrawny 'not-so-artistic' handwriting.
truthfully i just realised i could upload 'fotos' directly from n.a.l.a to the flygirl's blog...
'so there's an app on n.a.l.a for that' ..... yea i wish it's more like a 'click'
saddly i'll rather use a computer otherwise i'll get an extra 98p or more added to my regular bill...

a little jobless not

just messing around with pen and paper


so i really don't get 'the news' except i stumble on it and things like that
didn't know how bad the Jos and Haiti Situations were till i saw #tweetphotos
Oh dear!!! it's hurtful...

words can never fully express the heart's thoughts
neither can the mouth fully describe what the mind sees
i do hope there can be peace felt again
somewhere, somehow, some time very soon

give something...time, clothes, food...

sixpence none the richer

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.
- Henry Ford
I passed my exams 2 more and then 3 and then i'm on the way to be a 'drawing chartered management accountant'
i'm grateful for success

nothing major

"how many words of yesterday, do you recall?" swahili

ponder! don't say to many things just because you have a mouth and can actually form sounds

who has been watchiing celebrity big brother - i have!!!
(me and BB sha)
stephen Baldwin for the winner!!!! yay!!!!!
so there's this lady in the house heidi - she scares me silly
sisquo's in and not MC hammer and the cute swedish guy who sang "all i ever wanted"but he can't play a joke

so nigeria's president is.... our nation needs prayers.....don't stop praying :-)
here's a funny link i stumbled on: