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Sunday's mistake

The National Theatre is famous for being built during the military era of Nigeria and for looking like the cap of an officer. It is famous for other things but in recent years it had shared its compound with over grown large lawns and expensive food sellers… and that is how I found myself heading there to see a play, A Nigerian classic, a Prof Femi Osofisan play – Altine’s Wrath. This was done by a production company called Thespian Family Theatre and Productions.
Having grown up with a bit of the University of Ibadan in me I felt I had to see it.
Got there early, good sits are very important, I think I am the only one who shares this thought tho. The 2pm show didn’t start till 2:55pm or so. If I wasn’t paying money and time to see this show I won’t be irritated, but it turned out I had paid money and time to see the show!
We entered the theatre only to be told rudely about sitting and not recording the show, RME. Apologies are not in the vocabulary of the rude speaker.
The opening scene …

Ama- the girl born on Saturday

I loved my adventure in Ghana. I am on a mission to create unusual experiences for  myself...
Pardon my manners. Hello Blogville, it has been more than a minute. As usual, it has been that I was sort of lacking the "drive to type"
So I talked about going on journey earlier in the year, however it didn't seem like twas going to happen. Then I considered changing the country option and then.... Ghana.
And off I went to try out something new. My friend was a super amazing host, ensuring I was comfortable all the time. 
Part of day one had me looking - yes o - looking for a hotel when I got in to Accra. Then I got the shock!!! 
Telling a cabbie the street name will get you absolutely no where... This is an issue, imo
I stayed at the Central Hotel Osu. It was a simple budget hotel and the staff was nice and friendly. Friendly I say cos this isn't particularly usual. Walked down Oxford street Osu. Yes they do have Oxford street, yes it is lined with shopping, no there is no Topshop…