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the day and the restless

I am having one of those funny mornings where you tell yourself... remember all you have learnt, the choices you make also determine how you day will end....and how your day ends may determine how tomorrow begins... before you know it, it is a cycle of mood swings and bad breathe

sigh* oh well, get yourself together
I crave my happy place... This I know

I haven't travelled since July, I guess I am itching to up and go. May be a reason for my unhappy restlessness...

come October come, I am looking forward to a get-away time
change of scenary, weather and even people...

So many times, I feel sorry for people who don't travel...they probably feel sorry for me and the times I am itching to be somewhere else other than where I currently am

story of my life...

Ps: how do you pretend for Work's sake to like someone...Jesus I need a lesson and a miracle

Ps again: thankful for a blogspace to rant on...rant on other social media spaces and people be like shrinks of some sort who k…

keep the conversation going

The radio, the medium thru which conversation is on going and visuals are entirely in your head....ever thot of it that way before?

A couple of days ago, I heard on the radio how Arik air has now launched flights from Lagos and Abuja, to Dubai...
Instantly I thot MEDIOCRE! that imo, is the other name for Nigerians or the talents Nigerians have
*shrugs, choose one

Arik air has appalling customer service...many Nigerian companies do...
And this is due to the mentality of 'whatever goes' which we have
Bite me now,

My issue today isn't with the Airline provider, it is with a Bank

Access bank... more Access to 'Mediocre' if you ask me...
I have an issue with the customer service, the Physical and the Over-the-phone service...
Sigh, I have issue with the bank and I am only ranting cause
1. I can
2. So they can change, customer service is a good competitive advantage, sheesh that is no secret.... Every management book has that
Capitalize on this 

Currently part reading a book about bra…

hurts and hearts

you know this, i am sad 'bout Oscar
Justice must prevail...
i wish i could turn back the hands of time...
listening to Pass you by - Black Magic ft OritseFemi
no one deserves that their destiny is cut short,
I pray that i grow each day, learning to appreciate life and other people
just because I am different don't mean i am better than you...
i pray i never take my skills and talents for granted - People watch and learn from you daily... You watch and learn from others too
i pray i grow in my understanding of Grace and i pray for you too
i pray for those who lost loved ones in #9Eleven, may they be comforted, may their hearts be filled with Peace
Time doesn't heal, imo, we just learn to adjust with each new day

Ps: God Bless you