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...If I could hug you now,
somethings are beyond our human understanding
Sometimes trying to 'get' just messes up things
If I could hug you now... If I simply could

Got your franchise celebrity yet?
'Roll' out n do so
Let's support Mo'cheddar, it's knighthouse baybi!

the end... no really

Not really the end
it isn't over
For 'Ally' sakes our friendship still stands
On the other side
Something good or something bad
back to this end... which isn't really the end
began with a move,a finger movement
Then a hand movement
Which graduated to the lips
And the wagging of the hips
Then slowly, the temporary parting
This end which isn't the end
For the story only just began

"something good or something bad"

This year, I am 25...

the middle

The middle
Right at the core the attraction stayed
At first it was surface simple
May be suppressed for 'ally' sakes
For 'ally' sakes I tell you
But there was a leak
Little drops of water
A trickle- drip-drip-drip
Like an hour glass,one side labelled friendship
The other side 'something good' or 'something bad'
Becomes a choice...
It stayed,the attraction
It dripped into the other side

This year I was 25 it has been...

the start

I have been growing
And I have been learning
But why are there always 'buts'
Sometimes I want to be super human
I keep striving more like,I keep trying even harder
Losing my strength, draining my power
Pushing out...
I get selfish, I really can't do it on my own
I know this, but why do I still struggle?
I release then hold back
Makes me a wretched human
Am i sucking at this thing
Lead me not into temptation
Deliver me from evil
For evil leaves on me scars
It wrinkles me leaving me shrivelled
Touch me and make me whole
'I release me'

This year I am 25 has been...
*listening to "in•my•system"*

october the 14th

it's 14th of october... i still believe great people are born on this day
happy birthday Gramps
we all miss you in our different ways

Nigeria at 50, Day 12: Something Green

"Nigeria at 50, Day 11 – Baroque
...there is a reason our flag colours have stayed simply as green and white

Green is life abundant, it is nature , it is cool and calming, it is a balance, it is harmony
Green is a 'green leaf'

White is clean, it is pure and encourages new beginnings, it is light and peace. White is sharp and stain free. White is healing.
White is a 'white lily'

And then green comes again, green means no matter how low we fall, we won't stay at the bottom. We will spring back up. It may not be as fast as you want it... but we won't remain so low.

Nigeria may be 'bad' by worldly standards, 'developing' by earthly standards, 'in debt' by financial standards, prone to 'power cuts' by electricity standards, 'highly polluted' by green-issues standard...
so many standards, so many check lists

however a huge number of the world's happiest people reside there and are her children
and this won't keep t…