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the leech, esty and a couple of other sturvz

hmmmm!!!!!! <*heavy sigh> i'm seriously in need for SLEEP!!!!
anyways so many stuff has happened to simple girl like me since the last tym i blogged
methinks is friday ye ye ye!!! woteva
spent my saturday drivin all the way to..... in a lil of traffic tho......which was on the mainland so i took an express road n got o n the first available exit back into the mainland....yada!!!!
nyways i got a little job whose payment can add to my pocket money in london
............was so in the 'bloggin mood' but sleep seems to b the 'it' on my mind now i feel draggish
saturday was spent workin on wot i had been workin on since the middle of last week boring!!! jus some art work thingy!!!
anyhowz sunday needed to do a lot of stuff besides the leech used up all my internet units shit! ..... took the leech out btw on friday nyte jus to b really nice!!!! it was not a bad idea tho
any ways so i decided to password my silly laptop euk!!! hope i don't forget the password tho
had to g…

.....tribute to the dead dog!!!!!

funny topic i choose this mornin.......tribute to the dead dog!!!!
alas the the dog which was hail and hearty when i started work here was killed by a hit and run driver. i saw the dog every mornin as i walked from the car park to the office buildin poor poor dog! it was full of life raggled lol!!! dirty and minded its own business......and then one evenin on my way back to the car park i saw its lifeless body ooooooo !!!! such a shame its life had been snuffed out by some schmuck!!!! but i'm sure yeah!!! i'm sure the dog has found peace somewhere wherever it is!!!!!!.......i hav jus the red sand that was used to cover the corpse, the vague memory of wot the dog looked like and this blog to remember the dog that was and now is no more!!!!

so yestaday at work i had nothin to do....i was pretty much BORED!!!! lol!!! jus did the usual on the internet n a little more
i think i'm gettin a tragus on my left ear ooo painful but cute!! after lol!!!!
so i left the office to get our usu…

....i get by with a little help from...

nothing much o rant about today
had a fab day yestaday...............spent the day with a couple of freaks like me
makin noise, singin, dancin, poem recitals(which i find quite......hoplessy boring) lol
paintin ............ which i loved
some hopeless loser!!!!! called me a ............ cos i said my name
i should hav slapped him i know that but i didn't soooooo!!!!
OKZ! THERE so bye
ok ok ok my little brother's home btw
but he's off to skool again to morro tho
the leech...............euk!!!!! good thing is we totally didn't see yestaday i had an 'orrible headache las' nite so i slept early n in peace
watchd the laanites ooo this mornin couldn't b bothered if the leeh didn't want to see it
imagin sayin she didn't like matron.....netta !!!!! wen she is so like her lol!!!!
anyways i didn't care n i was so glad so glad!!! that she left early
we r havin nando's for sunday supper im so lad cos i luv nando's