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creativity street, a street way better than notting hill gate

I have had a my excited heart burst into a thousand butterflies intermittently this past sunday
Ayodel Arigbabu's Moremi, directed by SegĂșn Adefila is the cause.

A musical well written and well performed in the heart of Lagos.

I luveet when i see or experience the brilliance of people's creativity!!!!

So Ifa has a Facebook account, Esu wears air max and Ogun has 'merchandise' for sale on his website but they still speak in riddles.  A land where the elbow of the Akewe of the Ooni (Ooni=King, i.e. the King's announcer) is at a perfect 45 degree angle when he dabs, and Orunmila's son spits more bars than your current best rapper.

Where do i begin this review and not make it seem like I have been paid to favour this beautiful work of art?
With the little funds they had, they were able to produce beautifully crafted entertainment.

I really hope Moremi is well funded and it goes into one of the really big theatres in Lagos and Ibadan or better still the amphitheatre…