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un poco acerca de esta semana hasta el momento

a little about this week, so far
I was at the pre screening of the movie Fast Girls
I had goose bumps and I still wonder why I gave up long distance running
I am pretty sure my heart hasn't given up running long distances
It is simply waiting for my legs and head to take it up again
I loved the movie, every bit of it.
I really believe that I have to always learn lessons from what I watch
hence why I watch more cartoons and less movies.
hasta, whenever I watch a movie, I tend to say so on my blog
Lame, pero, whatever
What did I learn from Fast Girls?
1. I will watch it again and again and again
(so when it comes out in June please watch it too)
2. Pursue whatever your goal is
i.e. Get that goal of yours, it doesn't matter what age you are, or what people have been telling you
3. There will always be haters or whatever you want to call them
they may not necessarily be haters, they actually can't see what you see
Por favor, esto sera largo
yes people it is a long post
4. Everyth…


Sometimes, when you don’t know what tomorrow holds
You want to be worried
 Simply because you can’t wrap your fingers around it
Or press the ‘good’ button
You don’t want to be worried
Simply because you have learnt
You should have no fear
And you can’t ‘unlearn’ that
But you know those mind games
You know how your mind wanders
But comes back to dwell on that thought
That thought that unsettles you
And causes you to keep thinking
‘what will tomorrow hold?’

life is too short... throw away moments like this (Vincent Kompany) One cup, many colours this season has been the most dramatic football season so far ...that's football and then more City have the bragging rights, i'll hang my jitters and say they pushed hard, fought back and are enjoying the results. And Barton's stunt! rme! Enough about footie, not one to always talk about it... All week, something has been bothering me...among many other things and listening to Kompany's interview I've got to err do much more. It's the Olympic year and I simply do not know what to do! What can I do????? Seriously it isn't rocket science or learning the pythagora's theorem for the first time! What can I do? Passed by Trafalgar's square last sunday, I think it was 92 days to the event or 82. All the same, what can I do that would add value to the Olympics? ..."life is too short to throw away Moments like this" Vincent Kompany

sunny may is in

The rain gave way to the sun and some warmth today. Bright skies and summer lights learnt a bit today about strategy sometimes management is not so bad a course ...drifting...we are having a conversation here, three generations of 'girls' I am thankful for grandparents :) I met a tall guy today, I learnt about Mencap Looking forward to anything this month? Planning anything fun? If yes, cool, if no, find a reason to simply celebrate or ... So there is a special screening of Fast Girls at the Coronet Nottinghill gate on Saturday the 19th of May more information here Enjoy the rest of your evening