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did i mes...

Don't get too close to the edge and mess up,
it brings unseen tears
heavy lumps in the throat
stooping shoulders
and lost thoughts...

Lord, please make me have growing faith...

happy hugging

I am having one of those days.....
Why can't there be "happy hugging" you know like "happy slapping"?
I want a hug and someone to read me "psalm 34"
Heaven I need a hug
Someone tell me it will change
Lord show me,let me learn your way


It's life... It's like a fabric, may be ankara fabric.
It is colourful, sometimes beautiful as well.
The patterns and the colours all bright.
Sometimes it is not beautiful...
Takes keep looking till you are drawn.
The colours, dry and a drab. Plain plain plain till plain is deeper.
That is life, a mix of fun times and not so fun times, happy times
and not so happy times, smiles, thrills and laughter, frowns,
cryings and wails...
Keep looking into it and you learn your lesson.
The fabric has two sides...
And so does life