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for adventure's sake

I went to the harbour town of Portsmouth about 2 weeks ago.

It dawned on me that I'd love to travel the world in 80 days. You know see the sunrise in Bolivia and the sun set in Georgia Europe. Get beaten by the heavy rains in Abidjan, snowed in in Alaska. See butterflies in Vancouver, smell perfumes in Marrakech street markets, speak with a random fellow aircraft passenger... The list goes on...
In Portsmouth, I spoke briefly with a couple who gave me an unpaid history of the Jutland battle while we stood on the queue at the 100th year anniversary opening event. I wandered briefly around the town and Emily led me thru to Cascades shopping centre. I loved the Sherlock Holmes exhibition best.

I love the life of the adventurer not because I am restless, but because life's too short to experience the world from just a little part of it.
Ps: I found that book in a bookshop kinda opposite Greenwich station
Ps again: travel my friends, there is a reason the earth is spherical and has…

good wins

There is still some good left in this world...
I needed ginger, the best thing that happens to all my smoothies, so I decided to head to where I can get ginger from. I'm back in Lagos btw. 
I was also hoping to get it by the road side...  Basically this was what happened.  I parked next to a guy selling garden eggs, groundnuts and usoji out of a wheelbarrow. Beckoned to him and asked if he sold ginger turns out he didn't and asked how much I wanted. What he did next was amazing. He asked  the guy selling oranges to watch his goods and told me he will go into the market to get some for me. 
He got me the ginger. He crossed the road, went into the market and bought me ginger...
It has been a series of random acts of kindness for the past couple of days
There is still some good left in this world where people take the lives of others simply because of wicked thoughts, mindsets and ideas
Good wins
Ps: Always glad about the June rains and corn 

this is not permitted

The shooting of the Gorilla has got me. I went to see Show Boat last night and i was thumped up to type all about it this morning. But the shooting of the gorilla still has me....

This has absolutely nothing to do with human rights, animal rights or any other rights, it seems the gorilla was killed by a trigger happy zoo official and although no punishment can bring back the poor beast's life, the event can't be swept under some bridge somewhere.

If the gorilla was going to attack the boy, things will have been a lot different. That gorilla did not attack the boy. Animals have feelings too

Life is unfair some times...