for adventure's sake

I went to the harbour town of Portsmouth about 2 weeks ago.

It dawned on me that I'd love to travel the world in 80 days. You know see the sunrise in Bolivia and the sun set in Georgia Europe. Get beaten by the heavy rains in Abidjan, snowed in in Alaska. See butterflies in Vancouver, smell perfumes in Marrakech street markets, speak with a random fellow aircraft passenger... The list goes on...

In Portsmouth, I spoke briefly with a couple who gave me an unpaid history of the Jutland battle while we stood on the queue at the 100th year anniversary opening event. I wandered briefly around the town and Emily led me thru to Cascades shopping centre. I loved the Sherlock Holmes exhibition best.

I love the life of the adventurer not because I am restless, but because life's too short to experience the world from just a little part of it.

Ps: I found that book in a bookshop kinda opposite Greenwich station

Ps again: travel my friends, there is a reason the earth is spherical and has no angles


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