drum rolls- 2009 ends in style

I am changing a part of me in 2010..............i am making a resolutionary agenda for 2010 things lmao!!.........
1. get productively creative - to this effect i'll take on real work,
illustrations and paintings, and i will gladly put up updates
2. get a new 2010 diary - in which like past years excluding 2009, a lot of writings will be done
3. have more posts than in 2009 - i'll try m'best and add a quote to each post. We must never stop learning
4. Seriously ridding myself of 'non-beneficial' and 'un-gainful' friends and friendships ... they carelessly tire me lol!! but seriously!
5. get to read 'a fistful of tales' - Ayodele Arigbabu, 'love letters' - Dr. Wilson and 'a heart to mend' - myne whitman

As the year goes by i'll be ticking off stuff i have done.....i hope the end of 2010 shall be better than its beginning

i have learnt when you buy a girl a pair of shoes, she'll use them to walk away... lol.........most likely

i have learnt to hold dear to those things i was taught ....

happy new year everyone- 2010 will be another lovely year for us
yay!!! south africa 2010!!!! coming to the tv near you.......if u don't go watch the matches live
we will live to testify!!


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