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how could you...

isn't it easy for people to live your life for you, they know what is good for you they know what is bad for you all the while neglecting what is wrong with them.
If whatever is wrong with slaps them in the face they won't even know because they are too busy telling you how you don't do this and you don't do that
funny thing is they keep heaping their own faults on their shoulders and they are stooping over from the weight.
when they are totally bent, will it be ok for me to laugh at them, i wonder...

do many people believe in the god religion? Do they practise what they preach?

i want to shout out it is my life, we are all individuals if we needed to share how to live then 'individual' won't be a word we know. let me learn, let me make mistakes but don't try to live for me what you are not making much of a good job doing... or what you are struggling to keep up with

Silence doesn't make a man fool, even a fool seems wise when he keeps quiet
i better be t…

*eyes rolling*

geez the media is such a wicked tool, avenue whatever (let their lives be their lives jo, no i haven't read any details newspaper, internet nada! because it really doesn't concern me. I am not married to them gosh! neither is the media trying to tear them up)
i'm really miffed on the whole Coleen-Rooney thing. why are they always out to tear down...ish! and yes because i am a Man united supporter
i hope they work above the media, a lot of people have done it,Becks and Posh did,the Clintons did as well
and i hope her 12 year old sister recovers,a stroke is a terrible blow

jus ranting...

Being a christian needs divine help. Funny I say that? A lot of people know what the bible says, christians and non christians. It is easy for other people - christians and non christians to expect you to act one way while they can't even imagine act in such ways themselves. What I mean is this,normally in life, it is easy for people to point fingers at you especially where you make a mistake, and they almost act like they are above these mistakes well till they fall. 'most times when they fall they have no buffer'. Ok where am I going with this yarns? 2 things
1. Attitude
2. Trust  

I am a christian...hence my opening paragraph (I have only always been a christian,pardon me if you have a different opinion). I read the bible and I learn a lot from the book of Proverbs. To me it's an everyday practical life sort of book. We are all individuals hence a mind of our own, the opportunity to choose--- what we want, what we don't want. This I think affects our attit…