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drum rolls- 2009 ends in style

I am changing a part of me in 2010..............i am making a resolutionary agenda for 2010 things lmao!!.........
1. get productively creative - to this effect i'll take on real work,
illustrations and paintings, and i will gladly put up updates
2. get a new 2010 diary - in which like past years excluding 2009, a lot of writings will be done
3. have more posts than in 2009 - i'll try m'best and add a quote to each post. We must never stop learning
4. Seriously ridding myself of 'non-beneficial' and 'un-gainful' friends and friendships ... they carelessly tire me lol!! but seriously!
5. get to read 'a fistful of tales' - Ayodele Arigbabu, 'love letters' - Dr. Wilson and 'a heart to mend' - myne whitman

As the year goes by i'll be ticking off stuff i have done.....i hope the end of 2010 shall be better than its beginning

i have learnt when you buy a girl a pair of shoes, she'll use them to walk away... lol.........most likely

i have…

nice - dOeS nOt deFiNe me!

don't describe me as nice! i'm not just into the word.......

i seriously always wonder why people decide to decribe themselves as being 'nice' eagerly with painted smiles on their faces - pretentious stuff i tell you!!

here i go ranting again! well, today i was told i never have nice things to say to people.......duh! i don't go by the definition 'nice'

dweeby dweeby doo!

don't u just love that song dweeby dweeby doo- ooooh ooooh!
clap your hands and stomp your feet!!

had a lovely day yesterday being my birthday
tho almost hated the day at some low point........cos of some shoes....
got another pair and continued with an awesome day
happy birthday to me!
lets see what 25years brings!! :-)!


was walking home this evening, my feet were well beyond wet......i was wearing shoes....Aldo blowfish-like boots to lay emphasis........and i was over whelmed with real saddness
'i can't deal with wet and cold feet' i was moved to tears of self-pity....soon discarded.....had vi va la vida playin in my head thru finally, got home, got warm and lost the unhappiness.
m'head: why did you go out when it was snowing
m'self: promised i would get some stuff i had been workin on all weekend, printed
m'head: so, its cold and snowing girl
m'self: i will b home as soon...

last night on my way home i over heard two guys talking to each other
guy in the wine hoody hereafter referred to as GwH
guy in the fleece jacket hereafter referred to as Gfj

GwH: do u mean to say you are not a homosexual
me: my ears went all out mehn! cos they were behind me i slowed down so they could walk by my side
Gfj: chuckles
GwH:tell me tell me, are u or are u not homosexual
me: rrrrrright!
Gfj: chuckles

taking some pictures with n.a.l.a...

i luv my sony ericsson 910i....its a gamin phone and i got it because of tinchy,chipmunk and last year's MOBOS - beliv....
anyway music's good, games ok but seriously that phone has a mind of its own sometimes, it does anyhow n then embarasses me
still.....i luv it
i havn't thot of trading n.a.l.a for a blackberry just because...

picture 6. a very lovely empty library
picture 5. nicely arranged motor bikes i took from the top of a building at holborn
picture 4. was on a bus near topshop liked the fron' of it
picture 3. scary! lol a busstop during halloween
picture 2. some bolt in the road,at a busstop too
picture 1. the potty putter...the toilet game...some jokes!

ps: cracker anonymous i have been chucked out...i still have the cravings to eat crackers, finished a pack a couple of weeks ago....i didn't buy with my money oh....but i hav replaced them crackers with tortilla i need to join T.C anonymous


sorting in sorting out

hi there it has been a long while......
didn't mean to be gone for long
didn't even want to be gone for this bit....
but i had to be off
to sort myself
who cared and who didn't

i ponder superficially deeply,how many friends i have got
"here's the part you say you {flygirl} havn't been an even 'good' friend urself
but still
i try hard at it
supporting till i'm drained...that i can testify

i'm drained now
i'm sorting in and i'm sorting out
who's staying who's going
who's the new person i'm adding on
who's the old faithful i'll lay my head on

i'm half a 'jubilee' in a couple of days
i'm shedding off the unnecessary weight
there is no 'i' in TEAM
selfish i may sound, a nu year requires no excess baggage

i'm drained now
i have been cut off, i'm no dummy
i won't hang around till u think u want me
we can always pick up where we left off

i'm sorting in and i'm sorting out
there are no good byes
only i…