taking some pictures with n.a.l.a...

i luv my sony ericsson 910i....its a gamin phone and i got it because of tinchy,chipmunk and last year's MOBOS - beliv....
anyway music's good, games ok but seriously that phone has a mind of its own sometimes, it does anyhow n then embarasses me
still.....i luv it
i havn't thot of trading n.a.l.a for a blackberry just because...

picture 6. a very lovely empty library
picture 5. nicely arranged motor bikes i took from the top of a building at holborn
picture 4. was on a bus near topshop liked the fron' of it
picture 3. scary! lol a busstop during halloween
picture 2. some bolt in the road,at a busstop too
picture 1. the potty putter...the toilet game...some jokes!

ps: cracker anonymous i have been chucked out...i still have the cravings to eat crackers, finished a pack a couple of weeks ago....i didn't buy with my money oh....but i hav replaced them crackers with tortilla chips...now i need to join T.C anonymous



Myne Whitman said…
Nice pics, your phone takes good ones. And LOL, on tortilla chips anonymous. How come people replace on addiction for another? LOL
flygirlbidiish said…
thanks,:-) i'll tell n.a.l.a to stop actin up
about the addictions thing i wonder.....it's some form of comfort therapy

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