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one of those issues

I get high on 'happy' like people do on digestible alcohol and other stuff. And so I have my high and low moments too.
Well in one of my in-between moments, a thought crossed my mind the other day.
"do we find security in money?"
I pondered, and thought deeply as I walked to buy bananas among other supplies about this question.
I have noticed a lot of new cars in the area, two phantoms to be precise, seems the neighbors are striking paper gold somewhere anyway, so I thought further... it can be security enough if it will keep you in a house or somewhere you call home.
It can't just end there. In my opinion, it is a cycle.
Work to get money - get money to buy stuff - When there is demand, inflation or uniqueness, 'stuff' become or get more expensive' - and then you have to work more
and it keeps going round and about like that, like the wheels of Ben-hur's chariot.
But, it is understandable, or don't you think so?
We've grown to depend on i…

currently on my mind

woke up this morning to Lerato (big brother africa) 's tweet
"poor Oscar"
and i just felt 'something is wrong'
today's news has really made me *sigh* so many times
my heart goes out to Oscar, his girlfriend's family, his family....
it's really really sad.
At times like this i wish we could go back into yesterday to change things

the flygirl