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of some days dreaded and other random stories

This morning, I got one of the calls I had been dreading since I moved here. The call that tells me my grand-aunt isn't here on this earth with us any longer.

I can't actually say I am numb, but I can't say I don't feel anything. Hence, currently I am just existing.

We spoke last on Christmas day, I procrastinated, we didn't speak since then. Bus 607 was a real deal.

I have floaters in right eye, I wish they will go away.

I don't know if being a texture artist is currently my right fit, but still I am pushing.

I was rooting for Sugar Ray to win MVP of the celebrity game, if I placed a bet I would have lost money.

I still don't get why D.Wade is retiring.

I watched the superbowl game, I think I find the no-skills flaunting sport a tad dry. All these offense-defense talk I also find to be ear-sores. I probably just need to understand the game better, I am biased.

When I was 11 or 12, I had a tshirt with the Tasmanian devil sporting a sign 'i need a miracl…

to 2019 with love

To Sir with love, will always be one of my much loved movies... It is a classic.
I was going to talk about DC's Aquaman. Some of the visual effects, how they made the pirate guy's ship look big and then small later - Look Dev guys may be to blame; how the story was a bit watered down, but no i will keep my thoughts on this one

2018 has come and walked out the door, no more to be seen only to be talked about. It was a fast-slow-fast kinda year. I learnt a lot, met some people, travelled, saw new places, bought a car - big deal cause it added to my adulting.

I learned American Airlines isn't a nice Airline and I doubt I'd even take a payment to travel with them. I drove my first long trip to Miami this year, it was so interesting I didn't overtake a single car. Thinking about this first time makes me laugh tho.

Some good people are now watching down on us seated with Christ.

Some days were tough, for some days I didn't want night to fall, some days were teary and…