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the follow up email

It has been a long time blogsphere, a really long time and so many things have happened in this time. But October 1 has me out of my shell.

I always find the day one for required pondering... the day Nigeria got her independence from her colonial masters because some heroes past laboured.

I have gotten to the point where I am very convinced that on the 1st of October, Nigerians in the diaspora are the loudest wishing others "happy Independence Day"

Thinking about today's Nigeria how do we speak about this labour? Did they labour for unfair treatment of citizens by those who took oaths to protect them? or did they labour for theft of public funds? or did they labour for citizens to be oppressed and bullied off the neglected roads by sirens and loud noises... the list goes on

After the 1st independence day declaration and celebration was there a follow-up mail and a follow-up mail and a follow-up mail? Would things have been different if people held each other accountable …

of some days dreaded and other random stories

This morning, I got one of the calls I had been dreading since I moved here. The call that tells me my grand-aunt isn't here on this earth with us any longer.

I can't actually say I am numb, but I can't say I don't feel anything. Hence, currently I am just existing.

We spoke last on Christmas day, I procrastinated, we didn't speak since then. Bus 607 was a real deal.

I have floaters in right eye, I wish they will go away.

I don't know if being a texture artist is currently my right fit, but still I am pushing.

I was rooting for Sugar Ray to win MVP of the celebrity game, if I placed a bet I would have lost money.

I still don't get why D.Wade is retiring.

I watched the superbowl game, I think I find the no-skills flaunting sport a tad dry. All these offense-defense talk I also find to be ear-sores. I probably just need to understand the game better, I am biased.

When I was 11 or 12, I had a tshirt with the Tasmanian devil sporting a sign 'i need a miracl…

to 2019 with love

To Sir with love, will always be one of my much loved movies... It is a classic.
I was going to talk about DC's Aquaman. Some of the visual effects, how they made the pirate guy's ship look big and then small later - Look Dev guys may be to blame; how the story was a bit watered down, but no i will keep my thoughts on this one

2018 has come and walked out the door, no more to be seen only to be talked about. It was a fast-slow-fast kinda year. I learnt a lot, met some people, travelled, saw new places, bought a car - big deal cause it added to my adulting.

I learned American Airlines isn't a nice Airline and I doubt I'd even take a payment to travel with them. I drove my first long trip to Miami this year, it was so interesting I didn't overtake a single car. Thinking about this first time makes me laugh tho.

Some good people are now watching down on us seated with Christ.

Some days were tough, for some days I didn't want night to fall, some days were teary and…