to serve with heart and might

Passion is what enables a man serve,
it enables a man serve with heart and with might.
In my short time here on earth I can say Nigerians are a passionate bunch
They're are passionate about so many things - may that's why this line is in the anthem
When they support foreign football clubs, they go over board
when they party, they party hard - ain't no party like a Lagos party
they're passionate even in their creativity and in how the country ought to be run

only if this passion will work so well in the choices of leaders allowed to make the right decisions for the country to be a hub of improvement.
Creativity is so grand in the nation...

I knew a man, a passionate man, Nigerian too, worked so hard till he was able to employ a good number of people in his town. He was my grandfather, happy birthday to my own superhero, my beard gang leader, my own great man...

Ps: I'm currently reading Jodi Picoult'ssmall great things. My eyes are almost popping out. What book …

Shall never be in vain or are they in vain

Should the Labour of our heroes past be in vain?

Colonial Masters, they called them and masters they were. They came in without visas and took over the economy, trading and commerce. They introduced some good things and not so good things bringing with them habits foreign and different.

The people. The people worked and toiled and performed under these master and then the rose up. they fought for what belonged to them and won it back. Heroes they became, together they fought. Tiv woman with Yoruba man. Kalabari girl with Kanuri boy. Nigerian women with Ghanian men...
We call it Independence from the colonial times.

Today I ask, have things improved? Can a child born to parents who earn the minimum wage each month boast of education deemed quality for a better tomorrow?
No instead we have teams and teams of politicians, politricians my sister calls them who desperately serve the money god with money meant to be used for the brighter future. We have people so mentally poor, it is heart …

hate is a strong emotion too

I read a tweet recently that got me pondering... I really mean thinking deeper than I love to.
I started asking myself questions. I am still wondering if I have not read it well and should ask someone else to interpret the tweet, I may be wrong.

Does a person simply hate another person because of what other person looks like, hair colour, nose shape...?

What is the cost of living in peace with someone versus the cost of living in the opposite of peace with a person?

Why have we grown to hate other people for being born as they are?

Do you also think many of the problems we have on earth is as a result of simply just hating other people?

Is hate an emotion as strong as love?

What makes us decide to hate a thing or a person?

Is it even ok to just 'hate'?

(this is how i see it ---> everything starts as a seed, a tiny seed, a tiny seed of jealousy, bitterness or superiority and then becomes a tree of hate with many fruits and even more seeds)

Do we hate because we can love?

is …


Sometimes I’m not socially awkward,
Sometimes I am
Sometimes I just want my body to be in place
and my mind far from the place
Sometimes I don’t want to be standing,
Sometimes I don’t want to be lying down
Sometimes I am afraid of the unknown,
Sometimes I don’t want to talk to the people
that matter so much to me
To them who geniunely ask “ how are you doing?”
Sometimes I don’t want morning to come
and the brightness, that brightness
Sometimes I know it’s just for a moment
then brightness will be beautiful again

of surf boards and good people

This past week has been a week of reading about people who took their own lives...this is always a sad thing for the families because death is never a happy thing.

But this past week has also been a 'something else' for me... I started the week a bit shaken but good always triumphs ✊😊
The first important lesson I learnt is, I have to cut of Lyft. Nope! no more!
The second important lesson I learnt is - Be grateful for the good people that surround you
I learned other lessons to like with the roads here are not black or dark...

I just fully understood my Mom's prayer - Lord choose the right friends for my children.

Thank you Jesus for family, friemily, friends and amazing company.

We were welcomed to two lovely homes today, we were fed, we played games and we laughed alot. To someone else that's like yea whatever, but to me it sure did count.

I think i should pick up swimming lessons, so i can pick up surfing lessons. Out looking at the ocean today reminded me how much…

of volunteering and sunlight

**sips lemon flavoured green tea**

this isn't going to be a long post, if it gets too long i'd break it into two

I spent my weekend volunteering and it was different. By the way, I am drinking green tea for the first time, as I type. I honestly don't know why I even bought it. It is also raining in my part of the sunshine state but that is cool.

Saturday morning was a little cold regardless I went out to start my Day 1 volunteering at a local art fest. It was different, well things are different here sigh, sometimes it gets to me and I have the why-am-I-doing-this or why-am-I-even-here moments. Day 2 was shorter
Anyway, I went and it didn't hurt to speak with other people. I also noticed all sorts of people

a lady was pleasantly surprised at the-black-girl, her eyes just had the 'wondering look'
some people just walk away
another lady was old and clearly wanted to pass time watching younger guys
the funny ones,
-the lady who wanted to make known that people'…

living in peace

On Sunday, I struggled. In the early hours of the day, before the Sun rose I struggled with having to do something out of my comfort zone
Before I talk about that I will tell you where the struggle came from I had worked till 3am on a kitchen asset model in Maya I had strained my eyes, tired my hands and exhausted my thinking abilities And then my mind played games, so I struggled
By evening time, after having being privileged to listen to a great man expound a part of the 2nd chapter of Mark's gospel I had calmed down from my struggle The fight was all in my mind The struggle came from unseen scenes I was playing in my head
Before the Moon shined bright, it dawned on me "I am living my blessed life" Funny thing my bank card got lost, but God's peace enveloped me