of the books in no particular order

its a warm saturday morning the sun has pushed most of yesterday's chill away...
I am currently re-reading Marian Keyes Under the duvet, {at night}. A book i read in 2008... wow almost 9 years ago!
On my itouch, i am reading Juliet Ashton's These Days of Ours

But while driving home from getting drinks from the supermarket this morning, radio on, Smooth FM's book review started and they were talking about my Book of 2015
The Fishermen by Chigozie Obioma talked about reading and sharing my thoughts here but i just never got around doing that.

The Fishermen was the best book of 2015, true story!

When I was done reading it, I had this urge to want to liken the author to China Achebe, but NO!
Chigozie's style of writing is so different from Achebe's, although the book is narrated by one of the characters.

I will talk about the book in parts. I believe everyone who loves to read should read it too.

I just finished reading Freya North's Turning Point
I laughed, I shed…

About the 29th

"Grandma, I took £5 from your change and bought this skirt from M&S"Grandma, hmmm and the skirt is fine, so you didn't buy my own"
I wore the skirt the day you'd have been 88 just because...
It's the memories that make remembering easier. We were truly blessed to have my grandma, happy birthday G

Life has...

Today I wore a pretty dress, I bought it over a year ago but today I only got the right reason to wear it. I like that... 
Life has a way of making us smile Those happy moments
Life has a way of making us frown Those memories adorned with tears
Life has a way of making us laugh Those round table talks with melting cookies and icecream
Life has a way of making us cry Sadness reminds that many things will pass away
Life has a way of making us jump Keep striving, don't be stagnant 
Life has a way of making us dance Music is food for the soul 
Life has a way of making us sit still Ponder, think, plan execute
Life has a way of making us roll It's ok to feel the weight on your shoulders and just cry
Life has a way of making us run Get set, go...
Life has a way of making us scream Do lose your voice in the process
Life has a way of making us sober has many sides  tbc

the morning after

it's been 8 years, and we miss my grandfather in our different ways.
What we remember is never to forget...
we remember, July 30

lonely hearts dot com

surround yourself with family and friends
with family and friends who push you,
family and friends who mould you,
family and friends who laugh with you
who want the best for you and from you.
who also can laugh at you because they love you
discipline your mind, fill it with good thoughts
be hopeful and then be happy
happiness is a condition you can be permanently in
push worry out, really why worry?
Love is real, it is in the little things and big things
It is in the planning and talking and making
Don't be lonely, it is also a condition
if no one loves you, find someone to love then, or a cute pet
Don't please don't kill yourself, because...
you will wedge a deep dark hole in someone's heart.

PS: Oh Chester

PS again: I am gradually pushing meat out of my diet and that can be 'one kin' living in Lagos. I made  yam and tofu stir fry. I will work on the recipe further

For Meechy

I am so sad about hearing Meechy Monroe died...I loved her input in the YouTube Natural hair community. When I got to know about her cancer, I would pray for healing. She started getting better and I was glad.  Then suddenly she wasn't getting better again. I didn't stop praying for her healing. I would check her sisters' pages for good news from time to time...
Rest well lady, no more pain Rest well Meechy, you never stopped being beautiful I pray your mom is comforted I pray your dad is strengthened I pray your sisters can push thru the sadness  I pray for your family

we never waved goodbye

saying goodbye is always the hardest
especially if the goodbye is Michael Jackson's 'this is it'
especially when we haven't completed the goodbye stories

Goodbye my lady,
the shy smiles, the funny 'uhs'
the ever ready gift hands
were we ready no
but that is what death does best
snatches a soul, and life never gets to see that body
or hear that laugh...

still here we are
still gone you are
we miss you, FOF
its been  4 years now, 16th May
we still never waved goodbye