we never waved goodbye

saying goodbye is always the hardest
especially if the goodbye is Michael Jackson's 'this is it'
especially when we haven't completed the goodbye stories

Goodbye my lady,
the shy smiles, the funny 'uhs'
the ever ready gift hands
were we ready no
but that is what death does best
snatches a soul, and life never gets to see that body
or hear that laugh...

still here we are
still gone you are
we miss you, FOF
its been  4 years now, 16th May
we still never waved goodbye

those conversations

Ever had a 'crazy' conversation about sex with someone with whom your longest conversation has been 'hi' prior to this said conversation?

Sometimes i have played out my day in my head long before i have had a shower and made it to my workplace... not like i know in detail how it will end... but i have sort of planned it out-ish

I started my day like a new day - nothing unusual, only good vibes welcomed, happiness is the lane i walk on today
I like to say i have a song playing in my head and this morning it was lil mama's Lipgloss
I haven't heard that song in yearsssss, as in Y.E.A.R.S! I probably heard it while Carbon was still a thriving club
Anyhoo song of the morning and i listen as i head to work...
Basically my day was, popping, school girl feel, all the boys keep stopping - until

So this said conversation
- you know when your mind, head and your inner self are not in unison
because your inner self just wants to be carefree, your head well your head is the…

creativity street, a street way better than notting hill gate

I have had a my excited heart burst into a thousand butterflies intermittently this past sunday
Ayodel Arigbabu's Moremi, directed by SegĂșn Adefila is the cause.

A musical well written and well performed in the heart of Lagos.

I luveet when i see or experience the brilliance of people's creativity!!!!

So Ifa has a Facebook account, Esu wears air max and Ogun has 'merchandise' for sale on his website but they still speak in riddles.  A land where the elbow of the Akewe of the Ooni (Ooni=King, i.e. the King's announcer) is at a perfect 45 degree angle when he dabs, and Orunmila's son spits more bars than your current best rapper.

Where do i begin this review and not make it seem like I have been paid to favour this beautiful work of art?
With the little funds they had, they were able to produce beautifully crafted entertainment.

I really hope Moremi is well funded and it goes into one of the really big theatres in Lagos and Ibadan or better still the amphitheatre…

The third day

Title seems like a sermon topic...
Happy New year people
No matter how low you may feel, no matter how antisocial (you know the mood I'm in already) you may feel... Whatever mate...the truth is I've got a lot to be thankful for, and so have you...
I pray the journeys you make in 2017 will end in good news I pray that the projects you start and hope to finish this year will end in good news I pray that the foods you eat will nourish you I pray that the drinks & water you drink go down the right path so you don't choke I pray that all your fun times are memorable happy events I pray that prayers are answered and your wishes come to pass
Ps. The harmattan and its dust counterpart are to blame for the antisocial mood 

Unplanned fors

So the weekend well what can I say.... A digital campaign I worked on started, I whisked myself off to another state to party, DJ Lambo was brilliant but some two strange ones refused to let her be great.... Like seriously!!Then we crashed another wedding - had lasagne to climb for and this was how I lost my wifi thingy... Super stoked like wooooow So not planned for I dunno where to start anything And then I was willingly dragged to the after party (this time we got invited) which turned to  be a silent disco party
Ok! Some mornings are for this
Have a great week too

With such heavy thoughts

I bumped my head yesterdayIt hurt, but it was rubbed and I had some ice on it It still hurt, but not as hurtful as my thoughts No amounts of sighing can help No amounts of hissing can aid It will pass, this I know Somehow I love-hating-love-hating staying in how I struggle  Talk to someone I should...  1. Everyone has their own issues 2. Are problems shared really solved?
I should count my days...or should I not?

Ps: why do people sit without having empathy for those who sit near them. Why do they take up space like they are entitled to it?

Today, I am thankful

I started the morning on a bit of a low note...
some struggles are real, Thank God for Jesus and the Holy Spirit
As the day set on, i grew a whole lot more better
Listened to a couple of podcasts from Joseph Prince, there is healing in telling yourself over and over 'God loves me'
Here is the part the Holy Spirit plays, He brings to your memory God's goodness events in your life and your spirit rests in believing God loves you....

But guilt..... - that was the genesis of the low note start to my day

Today was a good day. It's October 14, today my grandpa would have been 90years old
wow tho that's a grand age. Still I am grateful

I got to doodle on a wall in front of a couple of people today... I was unsure but as soon as I got into character all that fear got drawn away *pun intended

A couple days ago I ordered a salad from So Fresh neighbourhood market...o well i was an unhappy customer...still am but I have been softened by one of their parfaits. One thing I lear…