of New Year's eve and then the New year

Thankful, sooooo thankful
We are heading into 2018 and can I scream how Faithful God is

2017 was an interesting year... I took action and it made me bolder, happier, stronger and looking forward to 2018

When I look back at 2017, I will think of the year of a whole of different and new.
I will remember the year I started on the path of my animator dream and the sunshine state move.
I will remember the year I was carless for a few months and learned a new way to 'walk'
I will remember the year I dragged a mattress from Ikea, omg
I will remember the start of the RISE model and the work-play-fit-push schedule
I will remember the year I got to work with my bestest cousin (please don't tell'im)
I will remember the year I bought cheap toilet paper and well learnt a lesson
I will remember the year I learned to play cornholes
I will remember the year I listened to Funbi's Hallelujah, Simi's Smile for me, Luis Fonsi's Despacito
I will remember the year Falz just evol…

of the cold drift unexpected

It snowed in London, and the delays and cancellations were but of course EPIC. London needs to learn and adhere to the Boy Scout motto - the previous and the current one.

It didn't snow out here, but it did in New Orleans and Houston. It was icy cold, Lord knows like London I wasn't so prepared. I was closer tho. Last Saturday was really cold, my hoodie helped out. I had ordered a blanket the previous week.

I am really just slipping into new place, new culture ish... A part of me isn't liking, the cold weather hasn't helped and my room is still a bit unfurnished.

I got a table at last and I am working on a room transformation project that I am loving. Thankfully, Pinterest is still amazing.

I just finished reading, One S'more summer by Beth Merlin, I loved it. I am looking forward to lots of cups of hot chocolate, tacos and plenty reading for my holiday.

Another road trip coming soon, ha! the Bliss traveling brings

of mattresses, new cities and PEAK

I will tell you about PEAK. This is an app I got over a year ago that has daily brain exercises you can do.

Your girl attained grand master status in one of the games and guess what happened I never got the game to play again well till today... I am so excited i put down my ipod to type this post!

It has been a long while, and I also didn't complete the Nigerian Anthem lyrics title posts in October. I am afraid but it will have to be completed another time.

I moved cities, countries again. I actually miss London however i currently reside in the sunshine state and I know for a fact today it is snowing in London I don't miss that. I love Miami, I love Miami after Capetown before Cairo. I could live there tho especially with a bit of London infusion however there is no place like London, I am fine with that.

I really didn't like my move but I see it as one big adventure so I mentally adapted. It will be crazy, fun, a couple of down time days, many many things and DISNEY omg!

The labour of our heroes past

Shall never be in vain!
I spent a good number of years not singing the first stanza of our anthem, tbh I have struggled with not mixing my lines...
Another thing we have struggled and mixed up too is 'who our real heroes are!'
Trust that till we know who our heroes are, till we key into what they have done for us, till we become ardent followers of the path they have carved out... Their labour will not be in vain
Do you think a real hero labored so that in the year 2017, our dearly beloved can hardly boast of porthole-free roads...?
Speaking of heroes, happy belated 91st birthday to my day one hero, King of the best guys ever, my special bearded one, my gramps. I still run on the path he laid out for us

With love and strength and faith

Serve with love, love breaks walls and strongholds. I am currently loving Ric Hassani's Only you
Serve with strength, strength gives hope that tomorrow will be great. I took a bold step, I am embarking on a new adventure in a new place next month.
Serve with faith, faith is visionary. Faith turns dreams in your heart to dreams you can touch.

To serve our father land, our mother's too

To serve is not to be selfish, greedy or entirely self focused. It is to help, heal in some cases, to bend, to protect where the need arises, to genuinely care and show concern...
To serve is to consider a neighbor's needs too
When we serve we do not make room for tribal differences to settle, instead we turn our differences into strengths we need to create solutions for problems that arise 
Ps: Real leadership is leaders recognizing that they serve the people that they lead- Pete Hoekstra

Nigerians call Obey, really?

who do you obey?When you drive in the opposite direction on a one way route, who do you obey? When you throw dirt outta your car while driving, who do you obey? When you settle some official to do wrong things, who do you obey? When you falsify your age for official positions, who do you obey?