The labour of our heroes past

Shall never be in vain!
I spent a good number of years not singing the first stanza of our anthem, tbh I have struggled with not mixing my lines...
Another thing we have struggled and mixed up too is 'who our real heroes are!'
Trust that till we know who our heroes are, till we key into what they have done for us, till we become ardent followers of the path they have carved out... Their labour will not be in vain
Do you think a real hero labored so that in the year 2017, our dearly beloved can hardly boast of porthole-free roads...?
Speaking of heroes, happy belated 91st birthday to my day one hero, King of the best guys ever, my special bearded one, my gramps. I still run on the path he laid out for us

With love and strength and faith

Serve with love, love breaks walls and strongholds. I am currently loving Ric Hassani's Only you
Serve with strength, strength gives hope that tomorrow will be great. I took a bold step, I am embarking on a new adventure in a new place next month.
Serve with faith, faith is visionary. Faith turns dreams in your heart to dreams you can touch.

To serve our father land, our mother's too

To serve is not to be selfish, greedy or entirely self focused. It is to help, heal in some cases, to bend, to protect where the need arises, to genuinely care and show concern...
To serve is to consider a neighbor's needs too
When we serve we do not make room for tribal differences to settle, instead we turn our differences into strengths we need to create solutions for problems that arise 
Ps: Real leadership is leaders recognizing that they serve the people that they lead- Pete Hoekstra

Nigerians call Obey, really?

who do you obey?When you drive in the opposite direction on a one way route, who do you obey? When you throw dirt outta your car while driving, who do you obey? When you settle some official to do wrong things, who do you obey? When you falsify your age for official positions, who do you obey?

The start; Arise O'compatriots

The call to actionArise  I once heard a wise man say he is surprised that people say things like 'Nigeria O!' and complain. He said these people forget that Nigeria is a country made up of people - so the people are what makes Nigeria not that Nigeria makes the people. So what we have in the nation is a result of what the people are doing. Sometimes we all forget this simple fact.
Arise o'compatriots, we are them who can build the nation Arise no one ever got fidgety when the rewards came in Arise... Be accountable

of the books in no particular order

its a warm saturday morning the sun has pushed most of yesterday's chill away...
I am currently re-reading Marian Keyes Under the duvet, {at night}. A book i read in 2008... wow almost 9 years ago!
On my itouch, i am reading Juliet Ashton's These Days of Ours

But while driving home from getting drinks from the supermarket this morning, radio on, Smooth FM's book review started and they were talking about my Book of 2015
The Fishermen by Chigozie Obioma talked about reading and sharing my thoughts here but i just never got around doing that.

The Fishermen was the best book of 2015, true story!

When I was done reading it, I had this urge to want to liken the author to China Achebe, but NO!
Chigozie's style of writing is so different from Achebe's, although the book is narrated by one of the characters.

I will talk about the book in parts. I believe everyone who loves to read should read it too.

I just finished reading Freya North's Turning Point
I laughed, I shed…

About the 29th

"Grandma, I took £5 from your change and bought this skirt from M&S"Grandma, hmmm and the skirt is fine, so you didn't buy my own"
I wore the skirt the day you'd have been 88 just because...
It's the memories that make remembering easier. We were truly blessed to have my grandma, happy birthday G