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super duper red beet

This may sound ridiculous however I am going to talk about it...

My sister got me eating beetroots a couple of years ago when our GP complained about our low iron levels.
A big kudos to Tesco for hooking us up too.
We sort of phased it out of our diet here in Lagos, twas borrowed culture any way
Alas!!! *Shakespeare's voice*

Beets are grown and sold in Abuja. Today my mom brought a large supply of beetroots. I haven't been this excited since i got my citrus juicer.

I honestly believe I don't have to follow some written down smoothie recipes, I just make my things my way and it works for me.

My smoothie tonight was made up of

a little gingera little slice of an avocadoa celery stalk (soaked in ACV for a couple minutes)one whole medium beetrootorange juice

Amazing! or what!!? I am super duper red beet!!!

Ps: whenever I have some avocado as part of my dinner, I sleep so well all thru the night. It may just be a remedy for insomnia too. Refined sugar begone!

nothing about Mr Darcy

I will still say I haven't by any means neglected blogger...

Funny things happen on the bus to each Sunday Service i attend, and i 'note to self' i must blog. Sadly this is never the case...
this morning's funny story
a couple in front of me on the queue,
wife in front of husband with zip pretty low
husband failed to observe this
how!? I do not know
Me: bemused, couple squabbles are real...

What book are you reading?
I am currently reading - you guessed right! - Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice

I believe the book should be read once every decade, or more (avid readers)
between ages 11 and 20 - Just so you can brag about having read it
between ages 21 and 30 - Just so you can say you have a good understanding of how English language was spoken then
between ages 31 and 40 - because you will learn a whole lot about flirting in this book

don't ask about the other ages... when i get there, i will let you know

Ps; it has rained again tonight, here's to freshness…