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the year i was 25

i'm so sorry
i haven't been too busy
instead i have been to lazy... well to type
i have been watching movies, series etc, but to type err...

so 2010, is over just like that.
January to June, July to today
it has been what has been

i am grateful for life once again, 365 days or was this year a leap year?
it was the year i was 25...

the year i was 25, My grandpa has been dead for 2 years now
i wonder what it could have been if he was here...

the year i was 25, i stopped drinking coca cola
funny, now i am clean, trying hard to drink a lot of water now

the year i was 25, i really got depressed... like so depressed
thank God for Mercies, i am learning and i love learning

the year i was 25, i felt a lump :) twas in-growing-hairs, i heard a sound, twas the muscles in my right ear acting up...

the year i was 25, i lost my crown, my tooth, well now technically i chew with one side of my mouth...

the year i was 25, i travelled thru 5 cities in one night by bus... twas crazy and nice. Got on a wrong/righ…


Asiri is Yoruba for secret.

Can you keep a secret? i can and i plan on keeping mine for a long long time

i learnt a secret yesterday, or was it a secret? did i simply never know?

i'm part glad i know, helps me understand some things now. Then again, i may ...never mind...

i know a secret, now i want to know more, much more
we have a score to settle, me and her, her and i, us together lol
i am still laughing hard about what i learnt

1st of december

i totally chickened out
the smear test is compulsory by age 25
so all through the year i got letters...

today i went there
saw the 'small instrument'
yeah right... that isn't small
signed a deferral form and went home
some serious poking... worse than facebook

today's not ashamed day. for more info visit
today's also world Aids day or something of that nature

welcome to December 2010 people :)