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lazy lazy me

ish i hav been to lazy and 'un'-bothered too rant on this spot
been thinkin about it till my friend told me she couldn't find my spot, then i was like w....*%$* ok i found it all rite!
a lot of "waters hav passed beneath the bridge" lol!!!! i really just wanted to say that
ok ok a lot of stuff have happened since the last time i blogged and all including my uncle's marriage lol which i'ld say was actually fun
my grampa made a funny statement when he was giving a speech.....when the bride was brought home......still don't know wot to call her its just still weird my uncle's really married. i think i need it chipped and engraved in my head or something
spent my morning thinkin about "incapability" 'the incapable person'
wot makes a person incapable in certain areas and aspects of life? why would a person be eventually tagged as incapable? went to my usual.....dictionary/encyclopedia/all
among many i choose these two:
not havi…


who doesn't like..........uh uh! freebies? ok the person is so not ok classified!
i love freebies. i also call my self the "princess of freebies" attimes. i hav been collectin free stuff since i could remember lol!!!! on airplanes, from buscuit promos, chocolate and candy promos, soft drink promos, magazine give aways, name them i am soooo there!!
its fun i suppose jus seatin at home cutting away entry papers and forms and all the "wotsnots"
i simply find them interesting. my older sister's always like 'ur are so jobless' but she shares in some freebies too lol!!!!
maar! attimes we never get the stuff still! could b time my homegirl n i entered into one promo n we never even got a .... pen lol!! from it ha! so funny
well "keep tryin no matter what" is something i stick to :-)! lol!!!!

i like freebies, u can also say "awuf" lol!!!! and i'm proud to shout i like freebies
i'm rootin for one today so…

....where's its sting

My weekend was quite an interesting one.i could say!! at the moment I am in luv with one of my cultural attire omg! I hav learnt the art of tyin the ‘head-tie’ usually refered to as ‘gele’ and I love it. I tied n tied this weekend boy was it fun!
My beautiful one was laid to rest finally on Saturday, got to the service very late no thanks to my dad!!!! still it was a beautiful day, not rainy n not too sunny either. The service was em long but then it was for her so I didn’t mind at all. I was really sad as I watched the gravediggers pour into the grave red sand over the coffin, in our strange life people come and people go, we miss some, and for others we are superbly glad. On sunday my mom found out she lost a very dear cousin of her’s to the cold hands of death. I think my year has been strange so far, she was very sad n nothing I said would cheer up
Funny the leech lied again to my dad about travellin on Friday, well on Sunday I made my mom go with me to my own place of worship and a…

secrets!!! humph!!!!!

i'm sitting at the office..........ha! its not a secret that i totally do not like workin here.............its not bad or anything...........i jus hate the fact that its well......i hav to drive{i'm listen to a song i really like at the moment...its so funny .........the guy's tellin the babe he needs someone like her.......she's the curry in his rice lol!!} anyways the song is really whack and unusual............hence i like!
as soon as i start workin at home again i'll stop sayin i don't like work! back to my sitting i was well, thinkin about secrets; {btw the song is over}according to wikipedia, That which is kept hidden is known as the otherwards that which u want no one to know about is called a of the laanites, zinzi can never keep in anything she hears or sees......she loves to 'tell-it-all', can u blame her? suppressin stuff could be fatal lol!!!!...…

no gain at all, and MI and i'm glad

couldn't jus bring myself to type at work or at home yestadayand i really wanted to talk about yestaday my only 'self-made' birthday is a natural one lol!!!!yestaday was "back to reality day" march 31;i hav been celebrating this day for 8 years its my day of remembering the rootz, stickin to the rootz, and letting the rootz dictate my pace............n then i wanted to blog about "the wrong turns i took"
anyways my yestaday seemed pretty much ok i went to work, spoke at work, ate at work, lol!!!! oo took a long walk also met some other girl who works in the buildin and was wonderin why i didn't wear earrings on my ear lobes lol!!! didn't show her the stud tho, she'll notice some other tym
my left knee tendon has been hurtin for like two weeks n i hav to wear an annoyin bandage but the walk helped to ease off the 'oh! so' annoyin pain
i was so glad to put oFf work yestaday, twas some sort of huge relief
my weekend w…