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jus cos... i passed!

i passed! i passed! i passed! i passed!!
lol i could sound like i was in pry1 n twas the first ever exam i wrote....
i can't even remember how that was tho!!

i'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooo grateful to God i passed
now i get to move on to the next stage

there was a service for my gramps at the church today
twas really lovely
some said....."it's not how u live ur life but how much courage u put into it!".....

jus decided to read some old posts......geez can i say i'v got issues!?!

wot i was doin when i was meant to be doin something else

Call me silly…….i have a huge exam on Wednesday and I was gallivanting aimlessly on the streets all in the name of goin to/for ‘nottinghill carnival’
Anyways my morning started without a big bang…….decided to run along to the library
To finish an assignment I turn in tomorrow
What was I thinking? the ‘Londonites’ carry the the whole bank holiday thing on their heads o and the Library was…..closed to the public!!!!! Including my humble fly self!

Went back home did a little reading then twas tym to leav home for the carnival

Firstly the name should be changed to nottinghill Jamo carnival…… Jamo jus full the place…..i was high from sniffing weed as we walked
The first ….. last….tym I went, it was with momsie n she was so bitter she went……..

Some naija boys were jus misbehaving!!! as in if to say I get mask sef I for cover my face

of which that’s how one random yeye boy jus stood in front of my friend n I. He was lyk… my friend…..i dey follow u talk before,u dey do lyk say u no kno me! No…

olympics n my day

its the final day of the beijing olympics today
it has been so much fun ....... watchin everything
the tv at home wasn't so helpful
but BBC HD was fun!!
Lord knows i won't b MIA london 2012
my most interestin event today will be ......... goin to buy milk
thank goodness i get 25p off......thanks to the voucher!
it rained all mornin tho n church was half full must hav been cos of the rain
good thing i sat comfortably!
Phelps is comin to london for the handover thingy!...................i can't shout!!!.......

freaks n freakazoids

Aaaaaaaagh!!! I hate it went the internet explorer cannot….blah blah! Its annoyin!!!

Its official London town is full of FREAKS! and FREAKAZOIDS
Like major freaks!!!!
I can’t even be as freaky in my best ‘freak state’ lmao!!
On my way back from skool yestaday,walked to a further bus stop
So I’ld only take one bus home…….
The need to cut cost and stay ahead of the credit crunch!!
Waited a century as usual for the infamous bus to swing by whilst Kiss fm was keeping my ears aware n my mind awake lol!
Finally the bus came I was glad cos the bus stop is known for its madness
The day before some silly boys were beatin up another dude in front of a long bus
Went to the upper deck of the bus it’s a long ride I may as well sit alone. So I took a window seat, looked out n lo n behold twas a short guy with a pot belly…….i could see the pot belly becos his shirt was opened…….his shirt was a faded from wash n wear.........a camo button down shirt…….he rolled up his trousers n was wearin funny lookin boots

young bee

oooooooooooooooooo i can't believe i'm the last person to say this
happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! young bee-zy!!!!
i hav a good excuse it goes...... so i started a new term at skool yestaday n even tho my phone alerted me n all i kept procastinatin till bedtime

hope u had a great day miss?

happy birthday mom!

happy birthday to my mom today!!!
she's so cool like that.................
happy aniversary to her also she got married on her 24th birthday this day some years before i was born lol!!!!

very important person

i have this friend who isn't paticularly liked by other people cos he quite proud. funny thing is a friend of mine saw him on the tube a couple of days ago and the best thing he could do was stare. she was really pissed cos we three went to college together. So if not for sakes of me being the mutual friend, then for college sakes he could hav mumbled a hi or an hello
at least they did back in school
thinking back at this {including her rantin}, i hav been wondering wot it means to.......feel important!
and wot it means to be important!!
feeling important is really just a thing of the mind.....err......psycho.....whatever suffix is appropriate
certain people are just not important but because they have developed a feeling in that line, they are allowed as it makes them happy or exicted, rather like a psychedelic thing!
i consider proud people to to be people who feel important!!!

on the otherhand, to be important is as it is ........... no matter wot they wear, eat, say or do........thes…

A rush of blood to my head

..........i don't blo'y kno how to edit the pictures......i really didn't try tho
I have been wishin each day back to july 29 and at the end of the day I say to myself ‘if someone told me my day will end this way I won’t beliv it!
In the course of the past week I was asked if I was interested in goin to a theme park. Didn’t want to jus stay home n stuff on Sunday so I decided to go…..
Sunday the 10th of August my friend, her sister and a group of adults and children and I went to Thorpe park!
OMG!!!!! …………………..the whole experience was the title of the coldplay album
‘rush of blood to my head’

it started as the usual………fun pack thrilling thing
we got in yeah after a little bit of ticketing hustle and headed to the rides.
We were wondering wot to get on first tho,funnily all thru our stay we never picked up a map!!! How really unwise of us!!!
went on the first ride the quantum we felt the zang! Twas the taste of wot we were to have in store at Thorpe
the vortex was our 2nd ride well I…

4th of August

sometimes when there's pain and silence some where you could wish there was some sort of large scissors to cuts it all up
...............wishful thinking!
before my gramma left to go back to nigeria she kept sayin who will take care of me? her husband jus died and her mom died a year ago today
she was old she was precious and prayed alot for us all
and with our names she prayed
i do hope today my gramma has really wonderful memories of her even tho she cry and be sad,
but the memories will leave her light headed instead
to my great gramma...............................i'm glad we all knew her

my grandpa

He was stern yet funny
He was upright and walked straight
He was a cheerful giver
He was slim and healthy always and wanted us to be healthy
He would say, when we open canned food and ate all sorts
Why would do u eat all these things and then laugh at us
Indomie was a no no to him
He always drank tea in the mornings
And when I have a glass of cold water
He would laugh
He ate a balanced diet at every meal
When we ran up the stairs
He would smile and say the days I used to do that are gone
He liked the farm a whole lot
The mangoes, the garden eggs, the bananas …
One day he said the only thing he can’t do anymore
Was lie on a mat
He wouldn’t let us toy with school
Even if he wasn’t in accord with the meal package
He called me little rat becos I would get tangled in between
The nearest legs and hide my face so I wouldn’t have to greet anyone
I still dislike greeting people
Its just not my thing
But it all happened, was it too quickly?
And then the pain, he became lean and frail
Yet this horrible thing kept growin…