wot i was doin when i was meant to be doin something else

Call me silly…….i have a huge exam on Wednesday and I was gallivanting aimlessly on the streets all in the name of goin to/for ‘nottinghill carnival’
Anyways my morning started without a big bang…….decided to run along to the library
To finish an assignment I turn in tomorrow
What was I thinking? the ‘Londonites’ carry the the whole bank holiday thing on their heads o and the Library was…..closed to the public!!!!! Including my humble fly self!

Went back home did a little reading then twas tym to leav home for the carnival

Firstly the name should be changed to nottinghill Jamo carnival……..na Jamo jus full the place…..i was high from sniffing weed as we walked
The first ….. last….tym I went, it was with momsie n she was so bitter she went……..

Some naija boys were jus misbehaving!!! as in if to say I get mask sef I for cover my face

of which that’s how one random yeye boy jus stood in front of my friend n I. He was lyk…..to my friend…..i dey follow u talk before,u dey do lyk say u no kno me! No be u dey stay for ajegunle!?!WTF!!!??!! if that was some joke twas badly told, but if that was one of the lines the guy uses OH HOW LAME!!!!

twasn’t his fault…….we were jus in the wrong place at the right tym

Anyways headed on to some really tush side of town from there…..thats how some drunk arse dude used his cigarette to scald my poor poor elbow!!!!

From there we moved on to another side of town n I almost got hit by a…… moving car of cos!!!!

Talk about some unfortunate events!!!!
Picked up the pounds note with bob Marley on it……cute shey!?!.....i jus had to hav a picture of it!

Eventually went to a pub down the road n watched my footie boys. They won the match by a goal but they drew the first match….at home so on the chart they are 4th…….black burn is above us!!!!! Aaaagh!!! Its jus for a very little while sha
i want to throw a come party with the flygirl at.... jus becos!!!! i'm seriously thinkin its not a bad idea


La Reine said…
What's this? First?

-Festival sounded like a blast, I'm feeling the Marley note.

Thanks again for the b-day holla.

How far with the exam?
flygirlbidiish said…
i passed!!!! lol!!
the note's really fab :-)!
flygirlbidiish said…
This comment has been removed by the author.

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