A rush of blood to my head

..........i don't blo'y kno how to edit the pictures......i really didn't try tho

I have been wishin each day back to july 29 and at the end of the day I say to myself ‘if someone told me my day will end this way I won’t beliv it!
In the course of the past week I was asked if I was interested in goin to a theme park. Didn’t want to jus stay home n stuff on Sunday so I decided to go…..
Sunday the 10th of August my friend, her sister and a group of adults and children and I went to Thorpe park!
OMG!!!!! …………………..the whole experience was the title of the coldplay album
‘rush of blood to my head’

it started as the usual………fun pack thrilling thing
we got in yeah after a little bit of ticketing hustle and headed to the rides.
We were wondering wot to get on first tho,funnily all thru our stay we never picked up a map!!! How really unwise of us!!!
went on the first ride the quantum we felt the zang! Twas the taste of wot we were to have in store at Thorpe
the vortex was our 2nd ride well I did think my chest was lighter than a needle OMG!!! I was kind of glad to be off the ride eventually.
afterwards headed to a caged up ride….can’t be bothered about the name…..ur caged up and then a wheel keeps goin round n round till its up and the round and round till ur back to where u stared from.there some argument at the queue, some woman claimed that 4 girls were her kids n wanted to get on the ride with them even tho they were behind a family of 4 who were behind us. The mother in the family of 4 told her it wasn’t proper but she should ask everyone on the queue……the claimer woman than started shoutin…..was unnecessary and I knew she was lyin….then she got the park security involved after our ride.the little girls we happy where they were as a huge matter of fact!! anyway my friend n I took a carriage together needless to say I was pressed to back of the carriage the whole ride…..if I were a cartoon character I’ld hav been flat headed almost beyond repair
the park had lovely views

the stealth! The stealth!! The stealth!!! This is a horrible ride……HORRIBLE!!!
Thing is one has to experience it!!! If a thief or some criminal was caught and wouldn’t talk twould take just one ride and u’ld hav him talking forever! Firstly we queued for over 70mins then we had an unpleasant ride……..i was glad I made it with my heart rib cage n all
When we were about to get to the end of the ride my friend kept shoutin I’m alive I’m alive!!! Lmao!!!!
spongebob square pants was my highlight of the day
if I didn’t get home with him I won’t hav been so glad
lol!!!!!! Won him after 3 trys! boy was I so glad I did a 360ยบ jump dance sort of thing while clappin my hands together
I love the smug look on his face!!!

the depth charge, was a lovely ride!!! I loathed the queue tho but it was fun all the way down!! twas our fifth ride

the flying fish was another nice thrill.6th ride!!The jerkin twistin and all. I didn’t hav to think my rib cage would burst and my heart would come all spillin out lmao!

Then the rain hit in had and we decided to take shelter. The funny lookin health n safety guys came round……….the were an interesting sight

the rain went down again and we moved on to our…..meant to be first ride……
it became our 7th event!! Rush is its name!really giant swing that makes u think of methane gas ….. I dunno why! The funny sounds the swings make when ur lookin at other people in it I think!
I liked it tho my friend said she thot she was goin to fly off and after tryin to cut off circulation in my left wrist I had to ask her to stop holdin my hand

Our final ride was the nemesis inferno I kind of loved this one till my pair of glasses almost dropped and I got turned upside down legs in the air twice………twas some crazy love thing………I even got in trouble for havin my camera with me so I couldn’t get any fotos..tried to get another toy out but the silly machine swallowed my 80p and wouldn’t act right. The rain was back in drop force besides we had to get to the lockers we had kept our bags in then journey back to where our coach was……twas a wet wet move!

The most annoyin thing I did was take my raincoat with me and then leave it in the coach!! Well the downpour was the lesson teach

I really wish there was some sort of house one could enter, drop thoughts off like real baggage, walk out and never remember


La Reine said…
Go roller coasters Go!!
flygirlbidiish said…
lmao!!! some are jus meant for turnin hardened criminals to jelly

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