freaks n freakazoids

Aaaaaaaagh!!! I hate it went the internet explorer cannot….blah blah! Its annoyin!!!

Its official London town is full of FREAKS! and FREAKAZOIDS
Like major freaks!!!!
I can’t even be as freaky in my best ‘freak state’ lmao!!
On my way back from skool yestaday,walked to a further bus stop
So I’ld only take one bus home…….
The need to cut cost and stay ahead of the credit crunch!!
Waited a century as usual for the infamous bus to swing by whilst Kiss fm was keeping my ears aware n my mind awake lol!
Finally the bus came I was glad cos the bus stop is known for its madness
The day before some silly boys were beatin up another dude in front of a long bus
Went to the upper deck of the bus it’s a long ride I may as well sit alone. So I took a window seat, looked out n lo n behold twas a short guy with a pot belly…….i could see the pot belly becos his shirt was opened…….his shirt was a faded from wash n wear.........a camo button down shirt…….he rolled up his trousers n was wearin funny lookin boots
His hair wasn’t combed n his beard was unkept………he was shouting n sayin some stuff to the driver
OMG!!!! He comin on this bus!??!! I hope he stays down geez the dude behind me was already irking of booze n how was singin out loud enuff for me to hear thru my earphones
But no he came up aagh!!!! Thankfully he sat at he back makin noise and SMOKIN on the bus
Sigh! major harm do, I was so happy to get off the bus in one piece, and undefiled!!!

At the moment i’m lurvin
Dizzy and calvin
The ‘like a star song’!!!
ray j's can i
Elevator………timberland n the flo rider…….i named my current mobile phone after the flo rider
And GYM CLASS HEROES!!! The cookie jar song
gym class heroes n kelly rowland

i couldn't get into the loop bar last friday cos i didn't look 21 n i didn't hav an id with me
ish............had to go back home to get id..........
not desperation........we were havin a thing for a friend who was goin back to Lagos
lucky the silly guy didn't ask me to drop a 10 when i got back cos i'ld hav nicked his wallet n paid
him with his money n kept the change
twas my first time there i especially like their 3 levels but!!!! the dj needs serious help
wot in the world was he playing!!! r-e-s-p-e-c-t!!!
i didn't hear a wiley thru out my stay there!!! sheesh!!!! the dj's still living in 2005

been watchin the x-factor auditions.........alex turner is sooo cute
his accent sucks lol!!! i hope we get to see lots of him on the show

princess nicole was kicked outta BB9 house last nite, boy was i so glad

This month seems to be movin pretty fast
The carnival’s on Monday n everyone’s hopin it won’t rain
Can’t be so bothered, I want to pass my wednesday’s exam n also get a job!!!! i'm fast gettin broke


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