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g.a.l.t - taking pictures with n.a.l.a 3

went to regents park...i pass it so often i have never bothered to know what goes on in there....well Saturday was beautiful and the pictures would tell too

1. ha it is said a real londoner knows not to feed the pigeons...the ducks may b and exception
2. love the flowers and the scene
3. love the landscape
4. feel the serenity
5. so much of a sole ribbon depicting the *Flag colours...they really wasted time mine and everyone who came round there as well
6. was on the bus and noticed someone dropped an apple

ps:say a prayer for YQ, he's really got a lot to deal with...

After Abuja, Nigerian youth march in Lagos April 13...enough is enough

"After Abuja, Nigerian youth march in Lagos April 13″

This note was typed by Red Strat for guests of The Future Awards Pre-Awards Conference

After a massively successful rally at the National Assembly in Abuja on March 16 that continues to be talked about weeks after, young Nigerians under the aegis of the ENOUGHISENOUGH (EiE) Nigeria coalition have announced a Lagos rally, which will hold at the Governor’s Office in Alausa on Tuesday April 13, 2010.

The protesters will gather at the Archbishop Vining Memorial Anglican Church car park that morning at 11am, and march to Alausa. “The governor’s office has already been notified about this as well as the authorities of the Nigerian police force,” said Adebola Williams, who is one of the rally’s coordinators.

ENOUGHISENOUGH Nigeria, the coalition of change-seeking youth leaders and young professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, celebrities, activists and students from across the country, will march to the Lagos State Governor’s Office where…

him on my mind- for sagie

i'm really sad about Da grin's passing away
...still spoke about him just the other day
...still said a prayer for him
...still hoped we would laugh about me not liking his first album
...still mentioned that his second album will be so hot and i'll be glad

i hope and pray his family's comforted
i hope and pray for all his friends who will miss him everyday
rest now Olayitan Olanipekun Oladapo a.k.a Da grin a.k.a fimilejo 22-04-2010
#np You had a bad day - Alvin & The Chipmunks David Powter

ps: Can we ever be thankful enough that we go to bed and wake up again, we go out and come back in...

g.a.l.t oh what a warm day it was

*laughing out loud* living here make very interesting chapters in the story of my life. This sort of interesting is a whole load of different.
It's a good experience too i'm not complaining....i'm embracing and growing
Today was a warm day ... well since 2010 began. In lagos peeps have been complaining bout the heat and all.
Boy were the streets full of people......and barely dressed
but the thing that irked me the most were the FEET!
i felt like the Normanmeyers -- from Adamm's family -- only this time i was not obsessing over underwear, i was sad for the horrific display of feet.
Sad to say this- even in Lagos with all it's dirt and dust, ahn ahn so many feet are still cleaned out well

Oh people let us not get carried away. Let cater for our feet clean out toe nails properly, wash and scrub our feet, preserve our em
May our feet always carry us to places where Joy abounds and Happiness resides

ps: i think i have a new crush...more like 2...the old one is still …

messing with wacom

jus messin about with my newest best friend and decided it was high time to change my picture

g.a.l.t And Easter comes to an end

image 1. the work station
2. the story of the statues
3. just liked the look of the building
4. some statues at the Liverpool lime street station

so i had the huge post all typed out in my head about Easter and how much fun it hands [well they do the actual typing] wasn't down with all that
I had an interesting Easter break
did a lot of travelling outside London for a change. Rather enjoyed the quiet slow paced lives of they that live in small towns with the central town hall kind of system
did a little reading or studying for my exams aaaagh!!! bawring! Spent my yesterday tho studying at a children's library. Silly boys and girls were giving one of the librians a tough time running here and there and calling the guy a monster....tsk tsk tsk...what goes around sure does come around
did a lot of meeting new people as well...i'm learning to accomodate people, still working on the hugging and embracing part :-)

Easter was a good time, i'm grateful to ha…

g.a.l.t oh! what a day!

*oH! what a day........ sing it to the tune of that song Oh what a nite....released in 1956 and re-released in 1969 (i *bing*ed it and wikipedia told me so,hence i can tell you) hey i'm still smart oh!
*oH what a day
apart from the title the lyrics of my own adaptation to the song can't really be likened. Anyway...
started my day as a normal thursday. I edit a Bulletin so i needed to finish up and print out...i just took my time and before i knew it, 2pm was way gone
in otherwards going to the library had been rubbed off my to do list.
off loaded my library ensemble... and started out to
1. pick up a pair of shoes at holloway road 2 bus trips away, not particularly far
2. buy palm oil cos i really wanted to eat ogbono(the only soup i can actually make)

so who sent me message, you can ask in nigerian grammar

got on the first bus, and there was this adorable "two-toothed" baby who kept smiling at me...aaaw cute...anyway two stops away some cheeky school boy gets on it {his hai…