g.a.l.t oh! what a day!

*oH! what a day........ sing it to the tune of that song Oh what a nite....released in 1956 and re-released in 1969 (i *bing*ed it and wikipedia told me so,hence i can tell you) hey i'm still smart oh!
*oH what a day
apart from the title the lyrics of my own adaptation to the song can't really be likened. Anyway...
started my day as a normal thursday. I edit a Bulletin so i needed to finish up and print out...i just took my time and before i knew it, 2pm was way gone
in otherwards going to the library had been rubbed off my to do list.
off loaded my library ensemble... and started out to
1. pick up a pair of shoes at holloway road 2 bus trips away, not particularly far
2. buy palm oil cos i really wanted to eat ogbono(the only soup i can actually make)

so who sent me message, you can ask in nigerian grammar

got on the first bus, and there was this adorable "two-toothed" baby who kept smiling at me...aaaw cute...anyway two stops away some cheeky school boy gets on it {his hair style gave him the cheeky look to me). 'Was seating in the priority seat area so i decided to head on back to the regular seat side of the bus...to cut my story short the boy had been drinking and he puked on the bus lucky me, there was a guy and between 'the stuff' and me
i wasn't impressed got to camden and the driver says everyone should get off just because aaaaagh!!! fresh air's better than the stench
i could wait for the second bus there so i did. Got on it, got my shoes and hopped on the next one going back to camden. A very full bendy bus. However i wasn't going to wait in the rain and the cold, posing and ish. Get on the bus and there's the very unhappy babe talking out so loud...who really wants to hear her conversation with her friend as such... PEOPLE sheesh!
she's talking about stabbings and victoria st. and sons and mothers drat!
all this while i'm standing near the door lack of having no available sit. A guy goes out of the bus so there's a free seat....friend of loud babe hobbles over to seat on this empty sit and loud babe says to me excuse me...i'm about to move and she says to me move or i'll push you if don't
bing!...i'm about to roll my eyes and look...Prov. 16:23 comes into my head
later some other lady about to get off the bus says to the loud babe excuse me and she's like why did you push me...?can't some people be polite...yada yada...
i could only shake my head for the woebegone loud babe...
and that was how i wasn't a victim of bable and maddness Lord have Mercy
got off the bus and took another to camden...then one to kilburn...there was a very drunk guy with even mucus on his beard...then one for kilburn high road...don't count the number of buses anymore...lol bus ninja...
anyway i get on the one for Kilburn high road to go and get my palm oil...and i for some strange reason i stayed down by the stairs...then i decide to go up, lo and behold there's a fight downstairs....WOMEN!....one says shut up, the other says no you shut up...can't someone just be civil no matter

Ended the day watching the Liverpool match eating my ogbono soup
*oH! what a day...

ps:the dude who served me at iceland was so forgetful but he has one of the cutest hair cuts i have ever come across


Myne Whitman said…
Those bus passengers are a nightmare in London, urghhh...
La Reine said…
Ogbono soup . ...mmmm

Hi dear!! sorry I've been mia
Anonymous said…
Quickie: (1) Why did you 'binged' instead of 'googled'.. lol
(2) Ogbono?? You are HOT. Infact you are too much. I've fallen in love. LOLz..
Ok, let me go and read the rest.
Anonymous said…
nice story.. Adebanji Alade will make a solid sketch from this.
How are you?
flygirlbidiish said…
@Myne they are sooo annoying most time you can't help laffing at some
@young bee where art thou? :-)
@ochuko lol i'm tryin mw who's Adebanji Alade... hmmm...?
Anonymous said…
He does some solid london sketches like that.. http://adebanjialade.blogspot.com/
flygirlbidiish said…
yes oh!! some major work he's got
checked it out
buguta-penpals said…
Great pictures, nice sharing them with friends!


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