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this that of 2011

so i had this post all figured out
then i didn't
then i did
i was going to post about the weather,
and prolly much more
well.... i didn't eventually

December 31, Thank you Lord
it is actually another last day for another year
we would only remember

today i learnt about forgiveness and showing mercy
very hard stuff
however, let us take that into the new year
"the art of forgiving" no matter how wronged you are

i hope 2012 is a wonderful year
and i pray we all see December 31 2012

i am looking forward to the Olympics
maybe this year i will get to see the fireworks
hmmmmmm..............i'm off now
have a brilliant year 2012

this year i will be a year older

happy Birthday to me
hmmm yup!

i am a year older
my hair has grown longer
and my pair of glasses stronger

For health, strength and wealth, Dear Lord i am grateful

earl x

Dear x,

happy birthday, hope this marks out a good and new start somewhat, for you.
Really looking forward to having you clean and in top form.
Grandma loves you and Jesus too.
Happy Birthday

december twenty eleven begins

i've got a headache right now and it is only cos i am trying to beat nature and ensuring i don't fall asleep till after 9pm..... well i have been feeling sleepy since 11am...
but then again there are seriously more important things than reading that above
like saving the euro i suppose

wow December begins with rain...last year twas snow
thankful that we have been given the opportunity to be alive even now
being thankful i have learned and experienced is way better than mopping and feeling sorry for yourself

I got a temp job.... like my first in ages.......and this one pays lol
I pray that no matter what i'll always be the girl God has made me to be
a vessel of honor

this year has been different, with a lot of 'firsts'. Still i pray that we will all be smiling in thirty-one days' time as we wish each other happy new year

here's to winds and rains and meeting new people.... to presents and smiles and funny faces.