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a little this

Life is about
living and loving
sharing and giving
smiling and helping
Today I saw Wole Soyinka
who knows tomorrow, I will meet him too

ps: I am still yet to buy "you must set forth at dawn" and it was on my 2011 book list

losing into myself

I draw when that other side of me comes out
when that other side of me comes out
I draw
do you get what I mean?
you get asked that question so many times in a day
numerous times in a week
It is somewhat bizarre
however, every time you answer the question
*shakes head*
you don't even get what the person is saying
lose me, lost me, never even got me
each day I am blessed with a new opportunity to be me
in different ways
each day I am finally learning to grasp
don't walk away from those who need you most
be a shoulder, lean or frail
my heart goes out to everyone whose loved ones passed away
because that faulty aircraft flew and never landed in Lagos
may they be comforted, may they really be comforted
work with me
insight labs