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ke nako!

At some point in typing this post i shall burst into singing shosholozah!!!
you may say 'thankfully i don't have to hear her voice' lmho!
shosholozah shosholozah!
Ku lezontabah
Stimela siphum' eSouth Africa
*i am dancing as well!

i remember my first trip to Jo'burg *no this isn't a post down memory lane either* the pilot was like blah blah its 6 sister and i had this 'funny moment'
It didn't last. SA welcomed us with open hands and boy did we have a real good time...
I had spent the previous year watching and falling in lurv with Big brother...i was stepping on SA stones, I was breathing in SA air and i was going to be a part of project fame.......

Shosholozah! i am doing the Pata Pata dance!

I also fell in lurv with my laanites and tho i don't get to watch 7 de laan these days, i still get to read about the episode and every year i get a birthday message - ok that is by the way

ke nako! It is time! After all this while; this long while Afric…

no escape for the blogger at heart

so technically i have been on 'holiday' for 12 days [today's 7th of June]. My exams were...... when i get my results i shall testify...
i didn't go for the vocal slender/cocobar music fest nor did i go to see 9ice perform...well no one even seems to be talking about those - guess there's no news there then
I haven't felt like typing a post - any post - long, short, full, scanty...
I am falling in and out of moods faster than the share prices change in the stock exchange
I can't even draw and I want to - there's the need to fill up a new sketch pad
I hate having a crush right now - i can't seem to do anything about it-2 years pffft! i need to get it out of my head, mind, grrrrrrr!
I am still buying and eating crackers - and they even cost more
I still lurv Puppy/Soapy/T.V Lurv - it is soooooo pathetic
I have this Lurv - Hate relationship with my phone. Not n.a.l.a got a new one 'abde'
abde - is short for 'abundance' please do not ask me why i…