ke nako!

At some point in typing this post i shall burst into singing shosholozah!!!
you may say 'thankfully i don't have to hear her voice' lmho!
shosholozah shosholozah!
Ku lezontabah
Stimela siphum' eSouth Africa
*i am dancing as well!

i remember my first trip to Jo'burg *no this isn't a post down memory lane either* the pilot was like blah blah its 6 sister and i had this 'funny moment'
It didn't last. SA welcomed us with open hands and boy did we have a real good time...
I had spent the previous year watching and falling in lurv with Big brother...i was stepping on SA stones, I was breathing in SA air and i was going to be a part of project fame.......

Shosholozah! i am doing the Pata Pata dance!

I also fell in lurv with my laanites and tho i don't get to watch 7 de laan these days, i still get to read about the episode and every year i get a birthday message - ok that is by the way

ke nako! It is time! After all this while; this long while Africa gets to host the FIFA World Cup!! and they have done well by giving it to South Africans
Go forward SA!!! Watching the concert was soooooo sweet! colourful, beautiful, awwww i'm goin all soapy here
and thanks to this concert i have a new celebrity crush k'naan....'puppy lurv'
I am truly glad!!! I am s'posed to be in SA tho screaming and shouting
All well and good.....whenever another World Cup is being hosted on African soil i shall try my very best to be there

O African - our land of many colours, People, rivers, languages - my precious home
Our land of Culture!

it is June 11 bay-bee!!! SA 2010 has officially begun
Happy birthday to my little sister as well
the eleventh hour!

Brazil!!! - my country {i'm not sorry...i have supported brazil all my footie life}
i am waving my flag...
viva football! viva Mandiba! Let the games begin
Tsamina mina oh oh
Waka Waka eh eh
Tsamina mina Zangalewa
Ke nako Africa

ps: can someone kindly tell ochuko to stop hiding and come online jare!


Myne Whitman said…
I see that I am not the only one with the fever, lol..
Tisha said…

what language is that by the way?
Anonymous said…
The w/cup matches are quite interesting.
Which of the Ochuko's? if it's me, then i'm online! :)
La Reine said…
Wow. & I haven't watched a match.
Though, I've heard enough vuvuzalas (sp??? Whatever!!) for a Life time.
Lol @your crush on K'Naan.
Its the Coca-Cola thing, isn't it.... ? ;)

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