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on a note of low

“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” tweeted by Joey Kovar
did he stop believing in that sentence he tweeted?

I was on some high 'low' this evening and reading those words brought a smile to my face

a sentence with a vision...

it is sad...

don't judge others, everyone's' fears, temptations, burdens and the likes are unique to them no matter how many people they share them with.

a little of anything 2

once upon a time but not so long ago,
I learnt about Man's inhumanity to Man.
sadly though I only learnt about it,
it hasn't stopped happening.
Why are they so selfish? I ask, wonder...
Because of money? Money that won't follow them to the grave.
Why are they so wicked?
Because of power? Power crumbles and strength fades
Why are they so callous?
Because of fame? Fame only gets as far as the world wants it to get
It is really sad... about it, i am really sad...

in other unrelated stuff, i am glad about this day. I learnt some more and added to existing plans
About Rio, have you heard about Casa Brazil? No? Yes? ok nothing to tick here, so 
just click it.......
sojourn to Rio :)

a little of anything

pfffft! people and saying crap out loud.
once again I say "Thank you Gary B"

I do get teary eyed and proud of my friends :)
kindly have a look - Miss T

Err waitrose! please do something about the queues. If you've got nine till machines and only two people working the tills and no self service machines there will be long queues -_-

So on to this Brazil thing, I signed up online to learn Portuguese.
first step to heading to Rio, I have to at least get a bit of the language.
30minutes a day practice hopefully.....
I saw this BMW today with Brazil Time and the Olympic circles on it and I was like
Kerching! a sign :))

Drawing is like getting high on your supply, nothing beats it yet.....ok may be playing the guitar

london 2012 the end really?

"the Spirit of what we have begun will inspire a generation" - Sebastian Coe LOCOG. Sir, they have, they will

I did feel sad when the last flame went out on the cauldron
'it is over, really'
but it was lovely, inspiring and superb
I probably don't have the right words.
The volunteers were ever brilliant, the athletes were oh so lovely
...Few false starts, more injuries, flowing tears and we learnt the MOBOT too
Blake's beast moves...he'll be a good actor too
and then the Mayor danced, shows he's had a good time
Spice Girls' "come together" was my high light of the evening though
then Fat Boy Slim
Thank you Gary B, and take that too
My Games' highlight was men and women's javelin and basket ball
women's football was way way better than men's (in my opinion)
sailing too, they got good weather and winds most times (like the weather cooperates when it feels like)
the women's marathon day had some showers
all the track spo…

the way it is

a few minutes before the closing ceremony for London 2012
It has been fun, lovely, and all that 'good'
cos i have been on the other side of the cameras
all the same
there have been surprises, expectations,
new Olympic records, world records beaten, personal bests
outbursts, anger, tears, smiles, fights
and then gold, silver and bronze.
it has been beautiful all thru
Rio 2016, yup i'll be so there!

oly looks

300708, can't go away so quick...
Still happy with Pistorius
O yea I got my ticket a long time ago to watch him live
whoot! whoot!

scripted commentary... no?

not one to name things after animals
naa *shakes head* naa mehn!
it's kind of a low thing for me
So the Olympics -
I have sacrificed other sporting events i like to watch most Basketball games
saw a bit of rowing and sailing - men's
football - but of cause
200m men's finals - swimming to name a few other games
I've watched the guys dunk and the women make 3 points, Snell's is still the best of both  male and female games
Today recorded some incredible come backs, Argentina was good this morning, Russia and Brazil....
6.1 seconds to final whistle, the Russian coach calls for a time out with the Russians down by 2 points, I'm like what!?
6.1 seconds... Russia scores a 3pt and wins by 1pt, Even GB trails after 4qtrs of playing by 1pt to Espanol
I'm like Wow!?
USA and Nigeria hit a nerve, naa more like peeled a scab!
those 3pt shots! *shudders*
one thing however, despite the laughs and jeering and what have you ....(especially twitter),
the Nigerians played on …