london 2012 the end really?

"the Spirit of what we have begun will inspire a generation" - Sebastian Coe LOCOG. Sir, they have, they will

I did feel sad when the last flame went out on the cauldron
'it is over, really'
but it was lovely, inspiring and superb
I probably don't have the right words.
The volunteers were ever brilliant, the athletes were oh so lovely
...Few false starts, more injuries, flowing tears and we learnt the MOBOT too
Blake's beast moves...he'll be a good actor too
and then the Mayor danced, shows he's had a good time
Spice Girls' "come together" was my high light of the evening though
then Fat Boy Slim
Thank you Gary B, and take that too
My Games' highlight was men and women's javelin and basket ball
women's football was way way better than men's (in my opinion)
sailing too, they got good weather and winds most times (like the weather cooperates when it feels like)
the women's marathon day had some showers
all the track sports, superb superb superb
new athletes to cheer, watch and encourage
Big Up to all the athletes, congratulations and thank you
London 2012 really has been inspiring...guess i can say I did my little bit too, giving directions to tourists and getting a few torch relay videos lol ( sadly i was one of the many others who never got picked for the volunteering positions)
but it has been totally exciting.
Thank you BBC, thank you so much.

Can I shamelessly ask to volunteer at Rio 2016, it is the start of something different and I know Rio will deliver big time. (this time i will start earlier i guess). Ever seen shots from the carnival or even been to one? one word - Beauty!
I would absolutely love to be a part of Rio 2016, once i figure out how, I'll blog every bit of it. May be put a face to the blog........may be throw javelins, dance (hmmmmm), present a webshow, be part of an art/painting team

Bring On Rio, bring on 2016, bring on the infusion of music, art, culture and sports. We are going to the land of samba-football (2014 first) and the land of Pele :)

Can we say, so far 2012 have been the "Year of the Union Jack" lovely *smiles*

ps: thank you Nigerian Basketball team, thank you. Oyedeji - your dance at the closing ceremony was fab. I sure hope Skinn and Powell are healing good

knighthouse gets a website in 2012
ok i have to stop now.....


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