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Yesterday I lost a reason
I lost any passion I may have had
even if the passion was assumed
this morning I am struggling
I am struggling to live
Like a child trying to get up and crawl
I am struggling to live
like a person being drowned
I am struggling to live
I am trying to get up on my feet
I am struggling to live
like a fish out of water
I wiggle and shake
a new journey I must take
new dedication, a change it will be
am I brave?
I struggle to live
as I gasp for breath

SA 2010 ends

After one month, our much loved game comes to an end {well...there's premiership, la Liga, FA cup, Coca cola something :) etc}

It has been trying, fun, screams, smiles, cries, mixed emotions too
AND Spain have been crowned the World Cup Champs!!!

After Brazil got booted out no thanks to the Bad mood they were in,
{deflection: i am pretty much sure they all were in a bad mood before that game with the Dutch. Watch the match again and see for yourselves}

i couldn't imagine Spain Losing as well. No didn't want Argentina to win...too arrogant...not Uruguay, i think they robbed Ghana in broad day light ;-p, not Germany, no reason JUST not Germany #endofdiscussion and so not the Dutch ---> Brazil lost to them, they already had bragging rights in that aspect

SA 2010 The Spanish have their name under the World Cup---> Winners 2010
Brazil 2014 Hosted by Brazil, won by the Host ;)

Ps: i don't get paid for liking a good game of football,you don't have to watch it either :-)

Dear Black Berry... 2

basically an octopus known to be one of the smartest sea creatures can also be psychic... This world sha. Please sit back and enjoy a good game of footie ---> with friends, juice and smiles *jare*
sho weytin concern jabulani wit sea weed?

Dear Black Berry,
seems no one has bothered to 'check on the girl complaining about the PING'.
Well i am still here, trying my best not to puke when i see those red words. Even the new ubertwitter has a mute (many thanks to every twitter friend, tho i haven't installed it) button...So why can't BBM be upgraded? 'Mute the PING' so no one's PINGing me to say HI.*eyes rolling*
Why PING me to say HI? geez!!!
This is a case of the PING gone bad ... well technically the Task of the PING not being fully grasped.

Yours BBly,

the flygirl

ps: has anyone been reading the memoirs of a slu...shhkid? not for the weak and faint hearted but good for jokes and laughter

Dear Black Berry...

Brazil lost .... i was so thrilled about typing this post long before the match began... however...
the world cup has been fun, but i have lost the will power to type...
so i'll rant to Black Berry instead

Dear Black Berry,
I plan on being a pest/bug/annoying customer until you respond to my plea.
I waited long yes very long to get a White Berry and the wait was hard but good. My White Berry hereafter known as abde has been good apart from the normal Berry wahala (you know these wahala). I like, i am not complaining. BBM is a good idea, my letter is not to praise BBM however. I wish to express the uselessness of that RED thing called the 'PING'.
Please disable it completely and I promise never, i mean never, to speak ill of BB.
The BB manual doesn't come with a section that describes the 'PING' so why o why do we have to have it? Can't it be a thing of choice? Since i have turned of the 'vibrate when Pinged' why can't i completely get rid of the PING…