july 15 july 16

Yesterday I lost a reason
I lost any passion I may have had
even if the passion was assumed
this morning I am struggling
I am struggling to live
Like a child trying to get up and crawl
I am struggling to live
like a person being drowned
I am struggling to live
I am trying to get up on my feet
I am struggling to live
like a fish out of water
I wiggle and shake
a new journey I must take
new dedication, a change it will be
am I brave?
I struggle to live
as I gasp for breath


Myne Whitman said…
I hope you feel better soon, stay strong.
Anonymous said…
Times like this I want to call you up directly but don't av your number!!
I'm sure you'll be fine.
16th wasn't the best of nights for me too.. But i'm good now :)
Broken isn't acceptable! Be strong!
ibeananabart said…
Hi FlyGirlBidish...

Trust you are doing just great!!!

This is to personally thank you for your warm comment
on my blog (ibeananabart.blogspot.com)
Indeed, I'm so touched and happy you paid a visit and
enjoyed what you saw.

Now I must commend you for your great work as well.

I'll visit your site and spread the word as much as i can and hope you'll do so
as well.
Would appreciate if you keep in touch. My e-addy's ibeananaba@yahoo.com

Again, Thank you!

Take good care and God bless.

flygirlbidiish said…
thank you so much @Myne
hey Ochuko ...'annoyingly funny' mister
thank you so much @ibeananabart.
you'll be hearing from me in a little bit
Keep your head up, Miss.

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