Dear Black Berry...

Brazil lost .... i was so thrilled about typing this post long before the match began... however...
the world cup has been fun, but i have lost the will power to type...
so i'll rant to Black Berry instead

Dear Black Berry,
I plan on being a pest/bug/annoying customer until you respond to my plea.
I waited long yes very long to get a White Berry and the wait was hard but good. My White Berry hereafter known as abde has been good apart from the normal Berry wahala (you know these wahala). I like, i am not complaining. BBM is a good idea, my letter is not to praise BBM however. I wish to express the uselessness of that RED thing called the 'PING'.
Please disable it completely and I promise never, i mean never, to speak ill of BB.
The BB manual doesn't come with a section that describes the 'PING' so why o why do we have to have it? Can't it be a thing of choice? Since i have turned of the 'vibrate when Pinged' why can't i completely get rid of the PING? So many BB users need 'PING for Dummies'...that isn't the point i am making here however...
Please 'enable users' to 'disable Pingers'... Users like me that is.

Yours BBly,
the flygirl

ps: off to watch Uruguay and Ghana's footie match


chang ting said…
watched football match!i can't belive that Agentina lost!many people vote for Agentina because of messi!lol i also vote for Agentina!

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