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at owner's risk

i was lookin at the plastic red tag the security guy gave me today.....the parkin lot is fenced and has only one gate for those goin in and out, it also has security guys on shift each day. as u enter a tag is given to u and u can't leave the lot with the tag but still we park our cars at owners risk funny ey?
so i decided to find out the meanin of "at owner's risk"..........

risk accordin to wikipedia is the possibility of an event occurring that will have an impact on the achievement of objectives. Risk is measured in terms of impact and likelihood.

i tried the britannica definition but there a "whole lot of wubbish" anyways i really wonder why the peps go thru the stress of payin the security guys, fencing the car park, and givin us tags then goin ahead to tell us that the cars are parked at our own risk....doesn't make sense to me tho

anyways this mornin got to work n i didn't feel soo good must b the annoyin antibiotics i'm takin my head's …

stuffz not working

EUK!!!!!! or should i say eish!!!! like aggie (one of the laanites) or woteva ...........seems all my stuff is/are not workin!!!! my radio gave up...........the current that flow always flunctuates n now the radio's dead, my other nokia fone jus died, now the SE handsfree kit has stopped workin i was late this mornin and forgot to put my stud on......................even after havin the piercing for almost a year if i don't put the stud on in one day i lose tha hole!!!!
i'm so not feelin today at all n its crawlin up on me like moss!!!!
watched a good part of memoirs of a geisha last nite i was so glad i did tho!!!!
my gramma came into town for a weddin n with a little gift for me...............foreign currency ooooo!!!!! that was the highlight of my las nite
i was supposed to come up with designs for a book and logo but i can't cos my laptop is as slow as a giant african snail n sounds like an airconditioning machine. its terrible n sad cos i can't seem to get work do…

this mornin...

this mornin i decided to b nyc to the leech!!!! it doesn't harm or hurt to b nyc u know!
i still wonder why she likes to b pitied its rather saddenin!!! doesn't the leech know that it is underminin to hav peeps pity u all the tym
anyways i'm thankful that i don't think like the leech at least!!!!! LOL!!!!
this mornin i also hav a silly headache.its annoyin n its makin me feel helpless euk!!! i want to drink coke but....i hav to get rid of the hurt in the head
this mornin i was late to work!! thank gracious i was able to eat.............yea!! speakin of eatin i made scrambled eggs this mornin and they were good not burnt but lackin in salt sha
rev chino's goin on a sojourn, 2 down lol!!!! i'm totally goin to to b very ok in fact for the next 3 or so feels so good jus the thot of it!!!!
so yestaday i missed the laanites again but not the interns, meredith grey is ill and Dr bailey n george operated on her.she broke up with finn tho,n i think she …

slackin me........n then the leech the tweet n new stuff

so i hav been lackin behind in my internet rantings if i did that with my "great darling" - my diary name i'll hav it lol!! i always feel a knock from no where when i don't fill my diary!!!
so meredith leech has finally moved in OMG!!!! did i say that....*eyes rollin* yes i did DUH!!!
a little wimpy leech that calls every sane person a leech n doesn't realise that the world never stops when she breaths
wot was i thinkin?!!!!!!????? geez i'l hav to live with for a while!!! saddly pooh!! o dear
imagine the little leech readin my wall n later complainin bout someone else doin that
or her little gossip schemes n thn she accuses none gossips of doin the act
good thing is i'm off to London in 3weeks i'm soooo glad till next year i'll b feelin the cold breeze n hav the Leech off my back!!!! saddlyi'll miss the laanites tho jus 3episodes..........i'll read on their website
so minus the leech more interesting things hav happened to me since the last tym i…

wednesday's ere

so this mornin i pullin to my parking space and Mister stranger pops his head out n says Hi Oh My Goodness!!!!! i avoided him for 4 days i thot i had made it. What was i thinking??? talkin to a stranger about my office and tellin 'this' stranger i'll help to do some stuff!!! in this exceptionally corrupted part of the already majorly corrupted country yada yada.........
well i was able to scale thru........hmmm the power of a sweet talking girl yea thats right!!!
its stil mornin i'm about to get down to real work and other things that cannot be named here.
my eyes hurt, i'm thinkin cos i spend a long time starring at the computer and the tv also.
speakin of tv i didn't get to watch the people of the laan last nite but i watched the interns, ooo izzy got her job back and meredith told derek and finn she'ld like to start datin................if i get a girl like her in real REAL life i'll twack her till she started thinkin right ;-} burke's mom hates crist…

smile..........u never know who will notice

A smile will gain you ten more years of chinese proverb for today

lol on tuesday as i parked my car i noticed some dude who was on his way out of the car park and i smiled.
so this morning i apparently parked by his car and we got talking and he walked me all the way to my office
sadly ...................his married lol!!! not much a bother tho
but he was nice mmmm smiled a lot n was "talkable".................i rather talk to a dog than to a guy who is "untalkable"
work was so hectic today, liked it tho.
Allowed me to do other stuff and i forgot to check my horoscope geez i'm on kim best Disney cartoon
"A challenging aspect from Uranus is likely to introduce some unwelcome confusion into your day. It is likely that a minor misunderstanding between colleagues or school friends will cause unnecessary stress, but your instinctively charismatic response will be very helpful in soothing …