at owner's risk

i was lookin at the plastic red tag the security guy gave me today.....the parkin lot is fenced and has only one gate for those goin in and out, it also has security guys on shift each day. as u enter a tag is given to u and u can't leave the lot with the tag but still we park our cars at owners risk funny ey?
so i decided to find out the meanin of "at owner's risk"..........

risk accordin to wikipedia is the possibility of an event occurring that will have an impact on the achievement of objectives. Risk is measured in terms of impact and likelihood.

i tried the britannica definition but there a "whole lot of wubbish" anyways i really wonder why the peps go thru the stress of payin the security guys, fencing the car park, and givin us tags then goin ahead to tell us that the cars are parked at our own risk....doesn't make sense to me tho

anyways this mornin got to work n i didn't feel soo good must b the annoyin antibiotics i'm takin my head's poundin at the moment sef i don't feel good still but its not as bad as the morning's......

called my friend............the dude who started actin all up said he was .............. blah blah couldn't b bothered lol!!!!

spoke to the leech last nite oooh!!! brother (heard its a crime to say that in some american state crap i say!!) she's really comin today well i'm to be i will be....*eyes rolling*
there's a show in th estate today n i heard there's so much traffic well didn't plan on goin i'll jus spend the evening at the spot near my house n all
..............checked out my friend's picture on facebook lol he looked all different stud n all funny sha then also chatted with a girlfriend ......... i wonder why girls find it hard to b single n complain wen they are not......... we are jus never satisfied blah blah blah!!!!!
today at work was not sooooo bad u know i enjoyed doin stuff despite the illness
home beckons oooo!!!!! talks............bullshit works!!!!!!........................... jus learnt that!!!!!
i'm sooooo lookin forward to the month of december plus its my birthday month yipeee!!!!!!


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