wednesday's ere

so this mornin i pullin to my parking space and Mister stranger pops his head out n says Hi Oh My Goodness!!!!! i avoided him for 4 days i thot i had made it. What was i thinking??? talkin to a stranger about my office and tellin 'this' stranger i'll help to do some stuff!!! in this exceptionally corrupted part of the already majorly corrupted country yada yada.........

well i was able to scale thru........hmmm the power of a sweet talking girl yea thats right!!!

its stil mornin i'm about to get down to real work and other things that cannot be named here.

my eyes hurt, i'm thinkin cos i spend a long time starring at the computer and the tv also.

speakin of tv i didn't get to watch the people of the laan last nite but i watched the interns, ooo izzy got her job back and meredith told derek and finn she'ld like to start datin................if i get a girl like her in real REAL life i'll twack her till she started thinkin right ;-}
burke's mom hates cristina and george and that bone doctor got back together....................they not her panties LOL!!! o yeah!! the chief already asked her to move out of the basement tho n george walked in while they were havin tea on her bed and talkin lol!!!!
well i'v ranted enuff


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