stuffz not working

EUK!!!!!! or should i say eish!!!! like aggie (one of the laanites) or woteva ...........seems all my stuff is/are not workin!!!! my radio gave up...........the current that flow always flunctuates n now the radio's dead, my other nokia fone jus died, now the SE handsfree kit has stopped workin i was late this mornin and forgot to put my stud on......................even after havin the piercing for almost a year if i don't put the stud on in one day i lose tha hole!!!!
i'm so not feelin today at all n its crawlin up on me like moss!!!!
watched a good part of memoirs of a geisha last nite i was so glad i did tho!!!!
my gramma came into town for a weddin n with a little gift for me...............foreign currency ooooo!!!!! that was the highlight of my las nite
i was supposed to come up with designs for a book and logo but i can't cos my laptop is as slow as a giant african snail n sounds like an airconditioning machine. its terrible n sad cos i can't seem to get work done!!!!!!
lol!!!! on my way to work i jumped the traffic light honestly i did not mean to u know but!!!! i had to. i was really runnin late n there was this silly man on a bike who was dilly dally-ing, the light never goes to amber it jus hits the red as fast as it can.............irritatin!!! the funny part was that the police guy who called me a small rat one day was the guy on traffic duty again but i sped away with a smile on my face and a wanton look on his lol!!!!!
i'm so glad i stop work(which is awfully quiet today) in 2 weeks its killin o its killing, can't wait to b on my toes doin my own kinda stuff!!!!!!! n no body sayin "u r late" euk
saw some guy on my up to the ofc n he was like 'how are u' like i'm some small kiddo ....... this was i think the 3rd time i'ld see him n the 3rd time he'l do that anyways wotever
can't type out my heart......... its empty!!!!!
thank gracious meredith leech is gone for a while (i'll be nyc i know) imagine what the leech said.........that the leech is depressed cos of....if only the leech knew how glad i was
read john 4:7-21 today................... perfect Love drives out all fear. its reassuring and a lovely passage


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