smile..........u never know who will notice

A smile will gain you ten more years of chinese proverb for today

lol on tuesday as i parked my car i noticed some dude who was on his way put of the car park n i smiled

so this morning i apparently parked by his car n we got talkin n he walked me all the way to my office

sadly ...................his married lol!!! not much a bother tho

but he was nice mmmm smiled a lot n was "talkable".................i rather talk to a dog than to a guy who is "untalkable"

work was so hectic today liked it tho

allowed me to do other stuff n i forgot to check my horoscope geez i'm on kim best disney cartoon

"A challenging aspect from Uranus is likely to introduce some unwelcome confusion into your day. It is likely that a minor misunderstanding between colleagues or school friends will cause unnecessary stress, but your instinctively charismatic response will be very helpful in soothing things over."..........................and so it was that the day was hectic n a colleague at work tried to pull a fast one and my day was smooth eventually

euk!!!!! i made a friend a couple of months ago, tho we went to the same college we never spoke, and now i'm totally with another dude n this new friend's acting isn't like he likes me or something.euk!!!! it is so annoyin cos he's meant to help another friend of mine with a fund raiser. some guys are stupid or what!??!?!?!?! psssst!!!???!!!!

well i'l kept smilin all day..............


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