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on BHM before october ends

on racism. on how people are treated because of their skin hue on why it is still as common as air we breathe  is it because we rather not look beyond the skin hue? what's on the inside counts more The heart has no skin colour

today the fourteenth

Hey Gramps,
I like the 14th, like double perfection You know 7 the number for perfection... two 7s is 14 ...went to a farmer’s market today and some lady blessed me with a pie You would have loved the honey there, especially the clear one from Hertfordshire. You know your kind of good food and healthy eating. Opted for Ben’s cookies, my kind of healthy eating J  I also got to taste lovely pesto made by an English man.
Walked into a new shop that just opened at south molton street just because and it turned out to be a really lovely store. Pretty sure you would shop there..., I (we) got a fortune cookie, new opening store policy is to hand out the lovely tasting fortune cookies to customers. My fortune reads “you will always be surrounded by true friends”. In many ways, I had a blessed day...... happy birthday always
ps: is there a number to call when a london united bus driver is driving horribly in a built up area?

when tears...

Gentle Aminone,
always had a smile for me
even when the pain in her leg was unbearable
I can't believe I won't see that smile
at that horse and carriage marriage
that wedding...
can't see thru my teary eyes
so many words in my heart
i can't seem to fit them together
my fingers won't type

unlike back in school, that night...
you came back to the hall...
I never answered your question...
I am late, this one time...

"in life, in death Oh Lord abide with me"
that's the line in the hymn, i keep humming
time keeps ticking away
away is never back
memories are what's left to look back to

"in life, in death Oh Lord abide with us"

BHM - Lover hero kinda guy

It is Black History Month (BHM) and I have never ever done anything erm relating to that, so this year i have decided to do random stuff on Black or being get the drift

so....... I  lurv to watch Black comedy and all of that
Black men make amazingly good comedians hmmmm have you noticed?
have you also noticed that black men don't do that superhero shee'd
cape.....underpants....spanx long john..... lol
no, you never catch a grown black man in all that superhero costume
he may watch it, but he isn't dressing like that!

In black movies, the superhero guy is the good looking guy who knows how to love.
Lover-hero kinda guy!

run till you finish your race

it is so easy to give up.... I have not just learnt that, I have even lived that.
Earlier this morning, i laid on my bed and had the huge post i was going to type
however i have forgotten the stuff i had head up
Today's has been blessed in so many ways, I am grateful.

It's been 52 years now since Nigeria gained her independence from colonial masters
like many countries that gained independence, there have been shaky stories and civil unrests...
but today i am comforted by "the labour of our heroes past, shall never be in vain"
the heroes are those that fought then for real freedom, those that have prayed and now lay in their resting coffins, those that have believed and kept the hope candles burning, those we will meet in heaven

run till you finish your race, every change you want starts with you.
don't spend your time criticizing when you ought to be improving.

This month I take lessons from Oscar Pistorius, I am happy I got the chance to see him run on the 8th…