today the fourteenth

Hey Gramps,

I like the 14th, like double perfection
You know 7 the number for perfection... two 7s is 14
...went to a farmer’s market today and some lady blessed me with a pie
You would have loved the honey there, especially the clear one from Hertfordshire.
You know your kind of good food and healthy eating. Opted for Ben’s cookies, my kind of healthy eating
I also got to taste lovely pesto made by an English man.
Walked into a new shop that just opened at south molton street just because and it turned out to be a really lovely store. Pretty sure you would shop there..., I (we) got a fortune cookie, new opening store policy is to hand out the lovely tasting fortune cookies to customers.
My fortune reads “you will always be surrounded by true friends”.
In many ways, I had a blessed day...... happy birthday always

ps: is there a number to call when a london united bus driver is driving horribly in a built up area?


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