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the morning after

it's been 8 years, and we miss my grandfather in our different ways.
What we remember is never to forget...
we remember, July 30

lonely hearts dot com

surround yourself with family and friends
with family and friends who push you,
family and friends who mould you,
family and friends who laugh with you
who want the best for you and from you.
who also can laugh at you because they love you
discipline your mind, fill it with good thoughts
be hopeful and then be happy
happiness is a condition you can be permanently in
push worry out, really why worry?
Love is real, it is in the little things and big things
It is in the planning and talking and making
Don't be lonely, it is also a condition
if no one loves you, find someone to love then, or a cute pet
Don't please don't kill yourself, because...
you will wedge a deep dark hole in someone's heart.

PS: Oh Chester

PS again: I am gradually pushing meat out of my diet and that can be 'one kin' living in Lagos. I made  yam and tofu stir fry. I will work on the recipe further