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i really had to type this post tonight
firstly i'm totally gratefully to everyone who's takin off time to read my posts n leave comments too...i blame my lack of not havin my own system...i leave so little time to doin my blog rounds and when i'm done i hav not enuff time to type comments...
thank you ever so so much

i hav missed my library musings [Laughing out so Hard!!!...]
well today i had to post my latest muse there i was, sitting on the very hard and annoying chair,studying the accounting treatment of Leases when some dude walks up to me...(i changed libraries since March or so)...
were are not allowed to talk out loud in the library this guy whispers some stuff.
I don't hear what he says but he's holding up a white piece of paper with stuff written in green ink on it and indicatin that i read it
me: OOoo what's this? then i scheme thru
its a Note..."My mom says when i see beautiful women i should acknowledge..." didn't really…

some things

i find it amazing that we can't particularly record every single day of our lives...record in PLAY BACK waycept we get cameras and have tons and tons of stuff to watch.... kind of boring .....when we want to remember stuff, we hav to look up in a 'silly' way lol! or hit our heads, or bang on anything we can immediately lay our hands on....table... most of which doesn't work we remember or we don't remember period. ha!
i find it amazing that no matter what, we...people...human beings...will always be liked and also 'not liked'... ok so our friends will like us blah-de-blah but definitely there will be people who won't like us let alone stand us conversation ......."u actually know the girl/boy...gosh some very irritating chic/guy, i don't like her... erm...well too bad this 'irritating' chic/guy has friends no matter what
i find it amazing that it is so hard to change the mindset of adults sometimes... they are so stuck in their ways it become…

tfl, mobos and stuff

the MOBOs............ok stale i left this as a draft in my inbox forgive me!!!!
Best African Act: Nneka
Best Album: ‘Uncle B’, N-Dubz
Best DJ: Trevor Nelson
Best Gospel: Victizzle
Best Hip Hop: Chipmunk
Best International: Beyonce
Best Jazz: Yolanda Brown
Best Newcomer: JLS
Best R&B: Keri Hilson
Best Reggae: Sean Paul
Best Song: ‘Beat Again’, JLS
Best UK Act: N-Dubz
Best Video: ‘Singles Ladies’, Beyonce

was watching a clip of chipmunk,last year's mobos...........him talkin about this n that.........saddly my boy tinchy didn't get any awards but still tinchy's.............still tinchy
Hold on's one song that just gets u by......... lurving it always
TFL!!!!!!!!!!! TFL!!!!!!!!!!!!TFL!!!!!!!!! how many times jus how did i call it!!!
THEY OWE ME £4 and i want it even if it is just to buy sweets.......i don't care
and they won't get away with it.........i am so goin to have a lot of reference numbers when i get the money back
i just want my money!!!!
meanwhile them bus drivers are …