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those conversations

Ever had a 'crazy' conversation about sex with someone with whom your longest conversation has been 'hi' prior to this said conversation?

Sometimes i have played out my day in my head long before i have had a shower and made it to my workplace... not like i know in detail how it will end... but i have sort of planned it out-ish

I started my day like a new day - nothing unusual, only good vibes welcomed, happiness is the lane i walk on today
I like to say i have a song playing in my head and this morning it was lil mama's Lipgloss
I haven't heard that song in yearsssss, as in Y.E.A.R.S! I probably heard it while Carbon was still a thriving club
Anyhoo song of the morning and i listen as i head to work...
Basically my day was, popping, school girl feel, all the boys keep stopping - until

So this said conversation
- you know when your mind, head and your inner self are not in unison
because your inner self just wants to be carefree, your head well your head is the…