those conversations

Ever had a 'crazy' conversation about sex with someone with whom your longest conversation has been 'hi' prior to this said conversation?

Sometimes i have played out my day in my head long before i have had a shower and made it to my workplace... not like i know in detail how it will end... but i have sort of planned it out-ish

I started my day like a new day - nothing unusual, only good vibes welcomed, happiness is the lane i walk on today
I like to say i have a song playing in my head and this morning it was lil mama's Lipgloss
I haven't heard that song in yearsssss, as in Y.E.A.R.S! I probably heard it while Carbon was still a thriving club
Anyhoo song of the morning and i listen as i head to work...
Basically my day was, popping, school girl feel, all the boys keep stopping - until

So this said conversation
- you know when your mind, head and your inner self are not in unison
because your inner self just wants to be carefree, your head well your head is the reasoning one here and your mind just wants to explore
- well the conversation began because my inner self wanted to be carefree. I loved that I made a new friend, interesting sparks that have been hidden behind those 'HIs', a new photography concept creeping up in the dark shadows of my heart, crazy hugs, short eye balls and a deep mind.
We really only spoke about sex, the beautiful art that is the woman body and since Y.O.L.O the mysterious escapades one can have 'down there' Life is too short -

end song  Nelly Futardo's Promiscuous girl This is my mind playing tricks on me


T.Notes said…
And it felt like a nosey uninvited stranger entered my otherwise normal day like striking a matchstick light in previously "sanctified darkness".
The beauty for us was in the magic. The curse for us was in our unintended intentions. Yet many conversations later....
I like your mind.
flygirlbidiish said…
@T.Notes "yet many conversations later..." life sometimes plays tricks on us
:) thank you
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