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Today, I am thankful

I started the morning on a bit of a low note...
some struggles are real, Thank God for Jesus and the Holy Spirit
As the day set on, i grew a whole lot more better
Listened to a couple of podcasts from Joseph Prince, there is healing in telling yourself over and over 'God loves me'
Here is the part the Holy Spirit plays, He brings to your memory God's goodness events in your life and your spirit rests in believing God loves you....

But guilt..... - that was the genesis of the low note start to my day

Today was a good day. It's October 14, today my grandpa would have been 90years old
wow tho that's a grand age. Still I am grateful

I got to doodle on a wall in front of a couple of people today... I was unsure but as soon as I got into character all that fear got drawn away *pun intended

A couple days ago I ordered a salad from So Fresh neighbourhood market...o well i was an unhappy customer...still am but I have been softened by one of their parfaits. One thing I lear…

Oh Master, have I really been freed?

The black african man - He must be forced to live as the Master dictates. He cannot function properly as society requires so he must be a slave. Education, no he must forget his language and speak the Master's own language. After all the black african man is a barbarian and has no manners. The black african man, like every animal to placed at home must be tamed.

To what good has that been?

I am sitting at home as Nigeria celebrates her independence day in the thick midst of generator fumes and noise amongst other issues.
 Woe betide my neighbour's generator for the loud noise it makes.

Today my real heroes are those who truly sacrificed their lives to govern their nation so that everyone in the nation can prosper. When everyone prospers, the nation then prospers. My real heroes are those who placed everyone in the nation's needs before theirs.
They told theMaster that the black african man can work together, the black african man can reason together, the black african can …