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and we wave 2012 farewell

As we wave 2012 farewell, I did two good deeds for this day
helped my grand aunt on this wet and windy 31st
and then waited in a very cold train station for over an hour for my friend so she wouldn't get lost.
In return I got a sorry excuse for a cup of hot chocolate but the manager rescued me from further mis....
and I got a free cup.
 2012 has been....
the long awaited year
Jubilee celebrations, an awesome Easter, olympics, games...
besides twas a cool year to say
"Twenty Twelve"

Learnt a lot this year, learnt I am my own best friend
learnt to be tolerant, learnt to simply be aware of people (not expect anything from many of them)
I learnt to trust God and I learnt more faith

This year I traveled too, it was lovely new places, new cultures.
Big up to 'Upper Crust' best travel hot chocolate
Finally got a hang of Spanish language and i'm getting Brazilian Portuguese language in little doses.

some days and weeks of sadness, so many mindless killings and my fri…

on BHM before october ends

on racism. on how people are treated because of their skin hue on why it is still as common as air we breathe  is it because we rather not look beyond the skin hue? what's on the inside counts more The heart has no skin colour

today the fourteenth

Hey Gramps,
I like the 14th, like double perfection You know 7 the number for perfection... two 7s is 14 ...went to a farmer’s market today and some lady blessed me with a pie You would have loved the honey there, especially the clear one from Hertfordshire. You know your kind of good food and healthy eating. Opted for Ben’s cookies, my kind of healthy eating J  I also got to taste lovely pesto made by an English man.
Walked into a new shop that just opened at south molton street just because and it turned out to be a really lovely store. Pretty sure you would shop there..., I (we) got a fortune cookie, new opening store policy is to hand out the lovely tasting fortune cookies to customers. My fortune reads “you will always be surrounded by true friends”. In many ways, I had a blessed day...... happy birthday always
ps: is there a number to call when a london united bus driver is driving horribly in a built up area?

when tears...

Gentle Aminone,
always had a smile for me
even when the pain in her leg was unbearable
I can't believe I won't see that smile
at that horse and carriage marriage
that wedding...
can't see thru my teary eyes
so many words in my heart
i can't seem to fit them together
my fingers won't type

unlike back in school, that night...
you came back to the hall...
I never answered your question...
I am late, this one time...

"in life, in death Oh Lord abide with me"
that's the line in the hymn, i keep humming
time keeps ticking away
away is never back
memories are what's left to look back to

"in life, in death Oh Lord abide with us"

BHM - Lover hero kinda guy

It is Black History Month (BHM) and I have never ever done anything erm relating to that, so this year i have decided to do random stuff on Black or being get the drift

so....... I  lurv to watch Black comedy and all of that
Black men make amazingly good comedians hmmmm have you noticed?
have you also noticed that black men don't do that superhero shee'd
cape.....underpants....spanx long john..... lol
no, you never catch a grown black man in all that superhero costume
he may watch it, but he isn't dressing like that!

In black movies, the superhero guy is the good looking guy who knows how to love.
Lover-hero kinda guy!

run till you finish your race

it is so easy to give up.... I have not just learnt that, I have even lived that.
Earlier this morning, i laid on my bed and had the huge post i was going to type
however i have forgotten the stuff i had head up
Today's has been blessed in so many ways, I am grateful.

It's been 52 years now since Nigeria gained her independence from colonial masters
like many countries that gained independence, there have been shaky stories and civil unrests...
but today i am comforted by "the labour of our heroes past, shall never be in vain"
the heroes are those that fought then for real freedom, those that have prayed and now lay in their resting coffins, those that have believed and kept the hope candles burning, those we will meet in heaven

run till you finish your race, every change you want starts with you.
don't spend your time criticizing when you ought to be improving.

This month I take lessons from Oscar Pistorius, I am happy I got the chance to see him run on the 8th…

10th seems like a start

Am I doing the wrong thing?
I am, I am pretty sure...
Am I getting carried away by the attention?
I am, I am pretty sure....
Do I want it to stop? Did I want it to stop?
of that I am not pretty sure
Mixed feelings, different emotions, warmth
I want something that really is forbidden
Is that the life of my human ness?
I've got my legs tightly wrapped around each other 
In my mind is another web not spurn by a spider.
I know how I want to feel.
Because "I ask too many questions"
I'm only looking out for me

Ps: I watched my event, the event that Oscar Pistorius set a new record in. Saturday evening's event. Yes and what an experience it was, just being there. The javelin throwers, higher jumpers, all the athletes...

yesterday so painful

The most painful part of my yesterday was not the rejection.
No it was my right little finger nail that got broken that pained me most
It's one thing for someone to tell me "you can't or you are not wanted" based on petty 'comparative measures'
It is another thing for my nail to break and because I was there...
My nail got broken and it is painful.

So the Film festival is still on and I got the chance to see a short film titled "we are Rwandans" directed by Debs Paterson, the other day.
So much to learn, so much to take in. The question is "how much can you bring out to show what you have learnt"

One lesson I learnt from that short film based on a true life story is this
- embedded in the core of unity, is love that can stand the test of anything, guns, words, knives, fire. In real love, there is unity, a bond unbreakable.

september starts with something to remember

It's been a good day today, the first day of September. I am grateful.
The last two weeks of August were a bit too 'closing'
like the part in star wars ep iv, after princess Leah had been saved and they were in some waste disposal
chute with walls coming together, ready to mash them up.
Death is a horrible thing, but each time i am reminded that part of the bible that says we don't grieve as people without hope. So i am filled with hope instead.

It's a new month, and this September, my phone, and I will say our final good byes. One of my longest relationships - that phone. It has finally given up. On thursday, I had to get me another blackberry which is called gRtFl. That's grateful in shorter letters. So i shall be mailing envirofone pretty soon.

So what's on this week? It's the iwilltellfilm festival week and today, Africa United showed.
Absolutely brilliant and Debs Paterson, the director was around for Q&As.

It was lovely and I thought t…

on a note of low

“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” tweeted by Joey Kovar
did he stop believing in that sentence he tweeted?

I was on some high 'low' this evening and reading those words brought a smile to my face

a sentence with a vision...

it is sad...

don't judge others, everyone's' fears, temptations, burdens and the likes are unique to them no matter how many people they share them with.

a little of anything 2

once upon a time but not so long ago,
I learnt about Man's inhumanity to Man.
sadly though I only learnt about it,
it hasn't stopped happening.
Why are they so selfish? I ask, wonder...
Because of money? Money that won't follow them to the grave.
Why are they so wicked?
Because of power? Power crumbles and strength fades
Why are they so callous?
Because of fame? Fame only gets as far as the world wants it to get
It is really sad... about it, i am really sad...

in other unrelated stuff, i am glad about this day. I learnt some more and added to existing plans
About Rio, have you heard about Casa Brazil? No? Yes? ok nothing to tick here, so 
just click it.......
sojourn to Rio :)

a little of anything

pfffft! people and saying crap out loud.
once again I say "Thank you Gary B"

I do get teary eyed and proud of my friends :)
kindly have a look - Miss T

Err waitrose! please do something about the queues. If you've got nine till machines and only two people working the tills and no self service machines there will be long queues -_-

So on to this Brazil thing, I signed up online to learn Portuguese.
first step to heading to Rio, I have to at least get a bit of the language.
30minutes a day practice hopefully.....
I saw this BMW today with Brazil Time and the Olympic circles on it and I was like
Kerching! a sign :))

Drawing is like getting high on your supply, nothing beats it yet.....ok may be playing the guitar

london 2012 the end really?

"the Spirit of what we have begun will inspire a generation" - Sebastian Coe LOCOG. Sir, they have, they will

I did feel sad when the last flame went out on the cauldron
'it is over, really'
but it was lovely, inspiring and superb
I probably don't have the right words.
The volunteers were ever brilliant, the athletes were oh so lovely
...Few false starts, more injuries, flowing tears and we learnt the MOBOT too
Blake's beast moves...he'll be a good actor too
and then the Mayor danced, shows he's had a good time
Spice Girls' "come together" was my high light of the evening though
then Fat Boy Slim
Thank you Gary B, and take that too
My Games' highlight was men and women's javelin and basket ball
women's football was way way better than men's (in my opinion)
sailing too, they got good weather and winds most times (like the weather cooperates when it feels like)
the women's marathon day had some showers
all the track spo…

the way it is

a few minutes before the closing ceremony for London 2012
It has been fun, lovely, and all that 'good'
cos i have been on the other side of the cameras
all the same
there have been surprises, expectations,
new Olympic records, world records beaten, personal bests
outbursts, anger, tears, smiles, fights
and then gold, silver and bronze.
it has been beautiful all thru
Rio 2016, yup i'll be so there!

oly looks

300708, can't go away so quick...
Still happy with Pistorius
O yea I got my ticket a long time ago to watch him live
whoot! whoot!

scripted commentary... no?

not one to name things after animals
naa *shakes head* naa mehn!
it's kind of a low thing for me
So the Olympics -
I have sacrificed other sporting events i like to watch most Basketball games
saw a bit of rowing and sailing - men's
football - but of cause
200m men's finals - swimming to name a few other games
I've watched the guys dunk and the women make 3 points, Snell's is still the best of both  male and female games
Today recorded some incredible come backs, Argentina was good this morning, Russia and Brazil....
6.1 seconds to final whistle, the Russian coach calls for a time out with the Russians down by 2 points, I'm like what!?
6.1 seconds... Russia scores a 3pt and wins by 1pt, Even GB trails after 4qtrs of playing by 1pt to Espanol
I'm like Wow!?
USA and Nigeria hit a nerve, naa more like peeled a scab!
those 3pt shots! *shudders*
one thing however, despite the laughs and jeering and what have you ....(especially twitter),
the Nigerians played on …

olympics fever

It was British, and this time it was nice
Well done Danny lad,
a good job you've done *said with Master Yoda's voice*
The Era when tv was introduced into London
The time of the War and thereafter
The marches, the revolutions, the stands
The industrial generations, the work houses, the grits
The music, the storybooks, the lights
The fiction, the fact, the humor

There were no fires being swallowed
or hot coals being trampled on

James Bond  and the Queen jumped
Mr Bean played in an Orchestra
and that Chariots of Fire clip.
Mary Poppins and Emeli Sande... ok
the NHS, Great Ormond st. Hospital
staff and children
The 60s,the 70s, ancient and modern
even Macca....

Sports........ teams........countries.........islands
 Let the games begin

ps:Oh even the press had no negative words to utter -_-

oly fever

yup we've all got the Oly-fever
whether the weather likes it or not
its london 2012 baybee! in  couple of days

that missing smile

How quickly we judge others stems from how much we keep inwardly. Sounds like too much. I speak for myself when I say I am guilty of inwardly judging other people, sometimes too hastily. I look at an appearance and quickly dismiss the character simply based on what i see. Sometimes this clouds my judgement and i don’t give ear to the said character. There i find myself losing what i should have gained if only i had not dismissed this said character based on appearance.
I listen to some people and hastily dismiss them, judging them based on the words they utter. Maybe because they are unable to construct sentences using the right tenses in the language i speak. There i find myself losing people i can learn from and who can also learn from me too. People who can be real friends ready to even lose some sleep for me.
I hear about some people, i mentally note never to be caught in the same room as they are. Based on what I have heard, may be gossip, i have thrown them out, locked up and f…

some random happenings

thinking... picking the brains of those you consider smart.
reading their books, their quotes and if by chance available,
watching their interviews.
it is no news I keep a few dead people in my "those i consider smart" book
now I am adding some people still in this present world.
Yea *flygirl shrug* whatever, once upon a time they lived
But you can't live another man's life...or woman - as the case may be.
It is funny how some people write their own biographies, others don't even get to
read what has been written about them, still others don't even have anyone to write
about them... not even on their tombstones.
may be not funny --> ha-ha! but funny --> smile-shake-your-head-and-ponder-deeply.

I like smeg electricals, did since Big Brother Africa 1
so what?
I don't like cucumbers
who cares?

saw that dude at oxford circus this morning
"interesting style" was my first thought

my second plus thoughts "bleh! that is seriously old, the kind of s…

a little this

Life is about
living and loving
sharing and giving
smiling and helping
Today I saw Wole Soyinka
who knows tomorrow, I will meet him too

ps: I am still yet to buy "you must set forth at dawn" and it was on my 2011 book list

losing into myself

I draw when that other side of me comes out
when that other side of me comes out
I draw
do you get what I mean?
you get asked that question so many times in a day
numerous times in a week
It is somewhat bizarre
however, every time you answer the question
*shakes head*
you don't even get what the person is saying
lose me, lost me, never even got me
each day I am blessed with a new opportunity to be me
in different ways
each day I am finally learning to grasp
don't walk away from those who need you most
be a shoulder, lean or frail
my heart goes out to everyone whose loved ones passed away
because that faulty aircraft flew and never landed in Lagos
may they be comforted, may they really be comforted
work with me
insight labs

un poco acerca de esta semana hasta el momento

a little about this week, so far
I was at the pre screening of the movie Fast Girls
I had goose bumps and I still wonder why I gave up long distance running
I am pretty sure my heart hasn't given up running long distances
It is simply waiting for my legs and head to take it up again
I loved the movie, every bit of it.
I really believe that I have to always learn lessons from what I watch
hence why I watch more cartoons and less movies.
hasta, whenever I watch a movie, I tend to say so on my blog
Lame, pero, whatever
What did I learn from Fast Girls?
1. I will watch it again and again and again
(so when it comes out in June please watch it too)
2. Pursue whatever your goal is
i.e. Get that goal of yours, it doesn't matter what age you are, or what people have been telling you
3. There will always be haters or whatever you want to call them
they may not necessarily be haters, they actually can't see what you see
Por favor, esto sera largo
yes people it is a long post
4. Everyth…


Sometimes, when you don’t know what tomorrow holds
You want to be worried
 Simply because you can’t wrap your fingers around it
Or press the ‘good’ button
You don’t want to be worried
Simply because you have learnt
You should have no fear
And you can’t ‘unlearn’ that
But you know those mind games
You know how your mind wanders
But comes back to dwell on that thought
That thought that unsettles you
And causes you to keep thinking
‘what will tomorrow hold?’

life is too short... throw away moments like this (Vincent Kompany) One cup, many colours this season has been the most dramatic football season so far ...that's football and then more City have the bragging rights, i'll hang my jitters and say they pushed hard, fought back and are enjoying the results. And Barton's stunt! rme! Enough about footie, not one to always talk about it... All week, something has been bothering me...among many other things and listening to Kompany's interview I've got to err do much more. It's the Olympic year and I simply do not know what to do! What can I do????? Seriously it isn't rocket science or learning the pythagora's theorem for the first time! What can I do? Passed by Trafalgar's square last sunday, I think it was 92 days to the event or 82. All the same, what can I do that would add value to the Olympics? ..."life is too short to throw away Moments like this" Vincent Kompany

sunny may is in

The rain gave way to the sun and some warmth today. Bright skies and summer lights learnt a bit today about strategy sometimes management is not so bad a course ...drifting...we are having a conversation here, three generations of 'girls' I am thankful for grandparents :) I met a tall guy today, I learnt about Mencap Looking forward to anything this month? Planning anything fun? If yes, cool, if no, find a reason to simply celebrate or ... So there is a special screening of Fast Girls at the Coronet Nottinghill gate on Saturday the 19th of May more information here Enjoy the rest of your evening

lines on my face

long before I knew about menstruation or how children are/were conceived, I made up my mind I would do my best to have no lines on my face. this may be a series of random but not so random thoughts crossing my mind, which actually I have/had thought of (hope that makes sense to you) I do not frown. Not because I don't know how to, I can't afford to frown, so I don't. Nope I do not frown when the sun's in my face, and no I do not frown while washing my face I do not raise my eyebrows up, I have learnt how to 'not-raise-my-eyebrows-up' I find time to laugh at myself, and I mean totally laugh out loud. Blame it on the rules I live by. "never complain about a person except you have absolutely no flaws and totally beyond others complaining about you" Twas a week of rainfall, it is funny how 'the inches of rainfall' is over-emphasized the sun shined down well on us, then tonight the slight drizzle resumed can't complain, April has to go out in …

today it poured down

I woke to hear the sound of tyres rolling on wet tar I walked out with my umbrella covering me and my jacket keeping the winds away it poured down all day I learnt new things today,including how to make sure the positive thoughts i have for people triumph over the negative ones We just got in from watching 'Salmon fishing in Yemen' it had the British humor, all the same there is something about the movie, just quite haven't been able to lay my hands on it. Ps: what is it with guys checking babes out and doing it in an obvious way, like so obvious? Ok I didn't get the memo

no rain, the sun shined

we got a break from the wet weather today, and even the gusty winds. It felt pretty good too, didn't have to slug about my jacket for the whole day away with the drought reports, let the waters rise :) i used coin drop washer and dryer for the first time today a bit awkward, so sure the babe at the laundry thot i was weird, whatever we learn as we grow yes? When the movie, kidulthood came out the other year I couldn't be bothered but since then, I've moved about a bit, learned a great lot and also watched BBC's "my murder" so today i watched it as well. do you remember when you were 15? I do... I thought i ruled the world with my wooden pencil... 'London' as some people know much pressure I'm only grateful for the life we've been given, all the same there is pressure everywhere Dear Lord give me grace to make the best out of it been learning so much bout the other side of the town i have learnt to call home, eye opening tings many thou…

yesterday was a couple of minutes ago

it was going to be a "today's post" till I looked down and saw that it was 23:59 yesterday some guy used a cheesy line... na, a couple of cheesy lines while talking to me I still gave my number #dontknowwhy yesterday it was 'orribly cold as early as 6:15am nicely warm by 4pm, and raining by 9:15pm yesterday I walked into the coolest shop since a long time it's at Notting hill gate (not really a fan of upper pembridge road, cos people bump into you, not because they can't see but because they are walking. that is the first among many reasons i feel better off in a moving vehicle than walking there) it's called Mimi Fifi. Don't visit London without paying Mimi Fifi a visit too

one of those times

one of those times
yea, those times you simply wonder
where did it get so complicated...
do you never care about how others feel
when you go and whisper about them to someone else
while they can see you,
and it isn't like they are hard of hearing...
do you think all of a sudden, they have just become deaf
and it is ok to make unpleasant remarks
because you can speak

today i learnt a lot
today i also learnt to take that step back
let the wind blow while i catch my breathe
and ensure i stay away from people who think
they doing you a favour when they can't even assure you of your next minute

life isn't so complicated when you simply do proverbs 3:5

ps: you are missed but never forgotten, happy birthday Osas
i never called you back when i promised
3 days has been 7years...

forth in thy name oh Lord...

and May the odds be on your side
I watched the movie Hunger games today and it wasn't bad
you know how you get on another kind of thinking cap with these sort of movies...
the sun shined again but trust me it wasn't warm
Oh My Goodness, i was cold e joor!
i was trying to let myself get deceived "sun shinning in the sky no mean say cold wind no go blow"
any how sha na so i commot my house with no scarf,a flimsy sweater and a blazer for fashion's sake
mistake 1
watched the movie, got ice-cream and frozen yogurt and headed to a part of regent's park i actually haven't been to
small time na cold wind chase us commot from the park!
perambulating and the likes, we end up at bK finally time to head home
the kin'cold wind wey dey blow sha no wear jacket o
on top every, im b like say i wan pee
mistake 2
notin abeg i go brave am, i opted for the train
why not if not
basically, the bus journey is about 15 minutes. There is a direct bus, no direct train
tori! i got into the first…


today i stepped out late
despite my early rising
today i took the train out
something i have been doing quite often
these days
today i was at the British Library, Cass Art
and a number of places
best of all,
today I met an Artist, Adebanji Alade and a couple of other people
and today, I painted this as well.

ps: His blog ---->

to march with love

Ever seen the movie, to Sir with Love?
I am pretty sure i have spoken about it here before.
So we are in the month of March...
A lot has happened since my last post
I have learnt to make senegalese twists, I have been stoned with paper by noisy tourists on a bus, I have made an effort to become a member of tate london, I have gotten a new job among many things

I hope you are thankful least we are alive.

Saw this on twitter and decided to share ---->

Hope it helps someone.
Onemic uk.... Are you in london on sunday the 18th of March? Do you like music? You should be at onemic then.For more information

Hope the month of March is a good month for every one. I am currently in a marketing class so i guess i should err listen

the white visitor

a kodak white moment
a view from a window
and it still keeps coming down
checked the tfl website
closures and suspensions already
good night white visitor
hope tomorrow is warmer

knowing me knowing you

yea you can tell i am listening to ABBA hence the title of my post.
i get so emotional these days, like a 37 year old expecting her 3rd grand child
i stopped work last friday.... and it was overwhelming
so i will miss the bus chases early in the morning. Every day i had to work apart from the alternate sundays i told myself "6am i am out of this building"
6:20 am i puffing and calculating what time i need to get to the corner of artesian road before i am officially late, by the way i am very much at home.
Then i am walk-running to catch a 23 or a 7
omd! funny times...
I think no matter what, at different times of each day, we should pause whatever we are doing and simply laugh at ourselves just because. Laughing is like a good tonic for the soul.
so i will miss the maze involved in putting stock out. Sometimes even the codes never help. I made up for myself a technique so i am not walking about unnecessarily.
i will most of all miss everyone...
the nickna…


food........ is good for you
don't get it twisted
but too much eating errr
is bad sha

any sweet tooth people out there trying to pick up new habits?

baci di dama!

those Italian almond sweet biscuits are sooooooooooooo nice
i told you so

hash tag Occupy Nigeria

Hash tag
trending topic on twitter
Occupy Nigeria
say no to a Government that milks a nation dry
to the expense of the poor
no to fuel subsidy removal

Occupy Nigeria

hash tag Occupy Nigeria

Hash tag
trending topic on twitter
Occupy Nigeria
say no to a Government that milks a nation dry
to the expense of the poor
no to fuel subsidy removal

Occupy Nigeria

Something oily

it is rather sad that we begin a new year like this.
that people with real feelings are ignored just so some others may become fattened
are we quick to forget that life is like smoke
here now and fading away.......

someone tweeted this link, pictures from occupy nigeria

should wickedness thrive where the godly reign?

should something oily get so pricey?
in a nation where the government doesn't even help with healthcare....?

remember it is the fattened cow that gets sacrificed...

very sad...

God is still on His throne