one of those times

one of those times
yea, those times you simply wonder
where did it get so complicated...
do you never care about how others feel
when you go and whisper about them to someone else
while they can see you,
and it isn't like they are hard of hearing...
do you think all of a sudden, they have just become deaf
and it is ok to make unpleasant remarks
because you can speak

today i learnt a lot
today i also learnt to take that step back
let the wind blow while i catch my breathe
and ensure i stay away from people who think
they doing you a favour when they can't even assure you of your next minute

life isn't so complicated when you simply do proverbs 3:5

ps: you are missed but never forgotten, happy birthday Osas
i never called you back when i promised
3 days has been 7years...


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