no rain, the sun shined

we got a break from the wet weather today, and even the gusty winds. It felt pretty good too, didn't have to slug about my jacket for the whole day away with the drought reports, let the waters rise :) i used coin drop washer and dryer for the first time today a bit awkward, so sure the babe at the laundry thot i was weird, whatever we learn as we grow yes? When the movie, kidulthood came out the other year I couldn't be bothered but since then, I've moved about a bit, learned a great lot and also watched BBC's "my murder" so today i watched it as well. do you remember when you were 15? I do... I thought i ruled the world with my wooden pencil... 'London' as some people know much pressure I'm only grateful for the life we've been given, all the same there is pressure everywhere Dear Lord give me grace to make the best out of it been learning so much bout the other side of the town i have learnt to call home, eye opening tings many thoughts, worries and prayers On thursday i will be volunteering at this event ---->!activities/vstc2=26-april ps: Is Harlesden ghetto? i've been wondering...


bArOquE said…
Do you blog everyday? #justasking

&please, remove this 'Prove you're not a robot' thing from the comment window on you blog abeg'
flygirlbidiish said…
not everyday... lmao dunno what you are talking about but i'll check to remove it

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